I used a travel agent to plan a trip to Disney World for my family of 7. The free service made the experience more enjoyable.

  • I recently went to Disney World with my husband, three children under 5 years old and my parents.
  • It was a last minute trip we planned while in Miami visiting family.
  • Using a travel agent made planning so much easier and cost me nothing.

In April, while visiting family in Miami, I thought it would be fun to take my three children, husband, and parents to Disney World For a couple of days.

Yo he asked in a tweet if people had suggestions on how to plan a last minute trip, and among all the very helpful recommendations, someone said it was a disney travel planner and could you help me.

At first, I was skeptical. Disney It is already very expensive to begin with and I have planned several vacations in places like Italy, Uruguay and Argentina so I felt I could handle Disney without spending even more money.

But when he said his services would cost me nothing, I decided to give it a try.

The trip planning service really was free – Disney World pays you.

I thought the free service would have a problem at some point, but our agent explained that Disney pays you for every reservation you make. Disney wants to have all rooms booked at all times, so these agents get a cut when they can bring more people to the parks.

I told our agent, who works in Smart Moms Trips, some of the key details of our trip: how many people, how many days and ideal dates. He came back with three different hotel options within the Disney property.

Then my parents decided to join us so we had to go back to the drawing board and the options she had originally provided like the Polynesian Village Resort were no longer available so I knew we had to act fast.

The author and her family at Disney

The writer with her husband and three children.

Courtesy of Conz Preti

The planner took care of everything and kept abreast of our last minute changes.

He took all our needs into consideration and we ended up booking two connecting rooms in the contemporary resort for three nights and four days.

He also bought our park tickets and made reservations for each park, something he had never done since this system was put in place. in 2020. She asked which characters our kids liked and booked us two character meals during our stay. She also added a family meal while we were at the Magic Kingdom.

After booking everything, I realized we wanted to be at Epcot during extended hours, which happens on Mondays. We had to move all the reservations to accommodate this and his knowledge really came in handy as he also helped us visit Magic Kingdom during extended hours on Wednesday.

He was available at all times to answer my questions.

Since we hadn’t been to Disney since 2019, I had a lot of logistical questions, like how to use the Genie+ and if we needed MagicBands. She was ready with links and answers to all my questions and I felt less confused by the whole process.

He also had access to our Disney World app and kept an eye out for new dining reservations for our group of seven.

Now, I will never go to Disney without a trip planner.

Our experience working with a trip planner was so good that I will never go to Disney without one again.

At every step he made sure we had everything we wanted and as a working mom it meant there was less for me to think about which I really appreciated.

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