I think he’s going through a lot: fans offer mixed responses to Kwesi Arthur’s new look

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Kwesi Arthur has unveiled his new look, which contrasts his famous dreadlocks, which he incorporated into his musical persona after his unexpected rise to fame, with a nearly shaved head.

A few months ago, Arthur unexpectedly shaved off his recognizable dreadlocks, surprising his followers and appearing in a new photo he posted on Twitter.

The Ghanaian rapper, whose blockbuster “Grind Day” was nominated for a 2018 Black Entertainment Television (BET) Award, showed his sense of humor when he held up his palms and indicated that the hair was for sale.

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Since Arthur’s dreadlocks have been incorporated into his brand, people are eager to see what new persona he will take on in the future. The rapper uploaded a photo of himself holding the hair with this message;

I am selling African hair extensions.

Months after getting rid of his dreadlocks, Kwesi Arthur shared a photo of how he’ll be exercising his personality from now on, drawing mixed responses from his fans in the process.

One social media user wrote: “Wow is this guy so handsome like that? ?eeeeii wow❤️”. Another fan commented, “Mom will be happy,” while another tweeted, “I don’t know but I feel like Kwesi is going through a lot!”

Other fans were disappointed with his new look.

“Honestly, he doesn’t look good in this. I preferred the scary look but I’m not him so let me keep my opinion to myself,” said another tweeter.

Look at his new image;

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