I ordered a cake using Costco’s ‘mystery’ checkout system, and I’ll never doubt the big box retailer’s methods again.

  • In May, a tweet shed light on Costco’s cake-ordering process, which some people called outdated.
  • You cannot call to place an order; you have to write your order on a form and physically slide it into a box.
  • Baffled by the seemingly archaic method, I decided to try it myself.

Last month, a tweet about Costco’s cake ordering process went viral, with the big retailer method baffling Twitter users (myself included). The tweet, from user Lucy Huber, noted that if you want to order a cake from Costco, you must write down your order and place it in a box — you cannot call or order online.

Some people were quick to call the “mystery pie box” old school or old-fashioned, and Huber herself said it felt like a system created in the 19th century. But what surprised me the most was not the box itself, but the passionate responses from other commenters to Huber’s tweet.

On Twitter, users assured him the cake would be there, with one saying they trust Costco’s boxed paper method “more than the USPS.”

This level of fervor from Costco fans won me over. With my cousin’s bridal shower approaching, it was time to try out the mystery cake box for myself.

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