I had three girlfriends at the same time but I left them after what a prophet told me- Fameye

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The ‘Nothing I Get’ hitmaker, Fameye said before breaking into the mainstream and becoming a household name, was having an affair with three women simultaneously.

Fameye went on to say that he nevertheless left them all after the prophet Nigel Gaisie delivered a fatal prophecy about him which he strictly adhered to and changed his life.

“After his death prophecies, my soul almost left my body. I even broke up with all my friends. He had about three women at the time.

The prophet even gave me the date he was going to die. Recently, I was in America when he tweeted that I had been ungrateful to him after his prophecy about me came true,” Fameye said during a recent interview on Culture Daily on 3 Music in reaction to Gaisie’s proclamation that Fameeye has scorned him. from his prophecy. about his life happened.

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According to the singer, Nigel even provided him with the date on which the unfortunate incident would occur.

“I want to comment on Nigel’s case. Yes, I actually visited his church and he prophesied to me about my death. I don’t want to give details but he said that he was going to kill me and he added that he was going to kill me. He was visiting other churches because he wanted God to elevate my music career.

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Therefore, he recognized the prophet’s significant influence on his life and promised to make amends in due course.

“I want to use this medium and inform you that I have not forgotten about you, I will come to see you at the right time. What you said has happened, but I know that your prayers also prevented the death you saw. No bad blood, God bless them,” Fameye added.

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