“I forgot to live and my mental health paid the price in a grotesque way” – CodeList

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Uno, Dos, Tres…, the Galician presenter presents the premiere of the “Puente de Mentiras” contest with the participation of famous people.

30 years ago Paula Vasquez he got into the car with his parents and his brother, loaded the trunk with bags and headed for Madrid. Destination: One two three… As they drove on the M-30, an elongated shape appeared on the horizon that would change everyone’s lives. “I saw Lollipop and thought, ‘Wow! It’s real… Someday I’ll work there”, he really remembers from the building next to the mythical Lollipop.

Paula Vasquez Go back to RTVE 16 years later, and it’s done with a seemingly simple contest, but with many page turns. bridge of lies it is the original format of the BBC and is now broadcast internationally on Spanish public television. A panel of celebrities, four per stream, will answer true or false questions that will launch them across the bridge.

“You learn from lies, just like in real life. And the truth… The truth keeps you going”, says the presenter. in the era fake news, the distinction between reality and invention has never been more necessary. “Can you imagine a debate where a lying candidate loses half the budget,” she jokes, “that should be offered.”

I turned off the TV 15 years ago for mental health. What I saw hurt me. It’s like watching television with misspellings.

Each program will increase 22 truths and 10 lies on a variety of topics that will reveal less obvious celebrity knowledge: “Suddenly someone you don’t expect knows a lot about exotic animals or food… There are also those who don’t know anything and are very angry, huh?” says Vazquez.

In the UK, the first season featuring anonymous participants was so successful that it was renewed for a second season, this time with Famous. Spain immediately chooses the second option. “It’s already summer and people are on vacation, they want to have fun watching others work”–says the presenter–, and in the last part, where they all play together, there is a mess: they take off their shoes, they dance, they complain… This is given to you by characters accustomed to the cameras.

Paula Vázquez in the presentation of the Bridge of Lies. RTVE

Returns Paula Vasquez on RTVE 16 years later, and this comes when three decades have passed since that mythical television program Chicho Ibanez Serrador will lead her to fame. How does someone who helped create it watch TV? Easy: you don’t see it.

“I turned off the TV 15 years ago for mental health reasons. What I saw hurt me,” she says, “things like showing backstage is cool, or the guest is in a terrible light, and the host thinks that’s normal… I believe in real entertainment, in creating the illusion that magic exists.where prepared things were improvised and the improvisation was prepared”. For her, today’s television is “very easy”: “Everyone can do it. It makes television badly written.”

The Galician presenter was somewhat away from the spotlight. Not for lack of offers, but for self-care. “30 years of filming without windows, which means you have no life: you’re not connected to anyone except your cameras, your cameramen, your writers,” he explains.I lost an important part of my life, I forgot to start a family, to have something stable… Sometimes when journalists ask me about my hobbies, I think: what hobby? All my spare time was just for sleeping.

I was out of the limelight because I forgot to live and my mental health paid the price in a very grotesque way.

“I forgot to live,” she continues, clearly moved, “and my mental health paid the price in a very grotesque way.” The three years that Paula Vázquez spent away from the limelight, recovering from a severe depression and taking care of her father, aroused all kinds of speculation in the press about her physique. “I am not a lady, during this time I participated in the formats that I wanted, for example, the Stallone show for Netflix. In Los Angeles they told me that they found me because of my career, because of my experience as a specialist in adventure programs, nobody ever talked about my body, if I was prettier or thinner.

Go back home” Paula Vasquez With bridge of lies, and could almost literally talk about the house. A few days ago she met his brother, an operator at Hunter:: “We never met because he always liked science fiction. When you go out, you relax, perhaps too much. You let go of a lot of things and sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are the leader!

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