‘I don’t even know with this team right now’ ‘It’s already hard to believe anything’: Houston Astros fans angered by Dusty Baker’s confusing injury updates regarding Michael Brantley

He Houston Astros and his fans have been waiting by Michael Brantley triumphant return, but the road has been anything but straight. His recovery seemed to be going well, as he even rejoined the team on their road trip in Los Angeles. However, he apparently stopped swinging during his recovery, and manager Dusty Baker says he’s not a hiccup.

This is an odd situation for Baker to call it anything other than a setback. If Brantley was progressing as expected and expected, it would be surprising to give him days off right before returning to action. Players generally need to increase their baseball activities to be ready to play at a high level as soon as possible.

The Athletic’s Chandler Rome shared the confusing update via Twitter.

Michael Brantley has stopped hitting, Dusty Baker said. Baker said it’s unclear when he’ll return and said he’s not a setback.

The Houston Astros haven’t looked like the world series champions they were in 2022. This is due, in large part, to injuries to Michael Brantley and jose altuve. Before the update, both players were supposed to be back in action soon. Now, it is an unknown quantity for any of them.

I don’t even know with this team right now… 🤦‍♂️ twitter.com/chandler_rome/…

@Chandler_Rome Astro’s average injury report: He’s doing great, going from day to day, funeral is next week.

Houston Astros fans are also disappointed that they are unable to receive clear and concise updates. Dusty Baker essentially described a mishap and then said that he was not a mishap. While there may be some gaming element to that, this doesn’t seem to be the time.

Well, at least he didn’t cite HIPAA this time. twitter.com/chandler_rome/…

Stopped hitting = not a setback twitter.com/chandler_rome/… https://t.co/GCjpZnnJ5E

The Astros had some pretty incredible injury luck in 2022, rarely facing a long-term problem for a top-tier player. Now, the tables have been turned, and the rest of the AL West is taking advantage. He seattle marinersThe Los Angeles Angels and Texas Rangers are all in great position after the first month of the season. If Michael Brantley doesn’t return soon, his deficit could get even worse.

Hey Siri, define “Unreliable Narrator” twitter.com/chandler_rome/…

Stops all baseball activities. It is not clear when he will return. But he is not a setback. What is it you just don’t want to play with him now that Jake Meyers is playing something decent? twitter.com/chandler_rome/…

Baker can you say things I want to hear please twitter.com/chandler_rome/…

The Houston Astros have had to deal with injuries all season, and now there are fears that won’t end anytime soon.

The Houston Astros need to find ways to generate offense without Michael Brantley or José Altuve.

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels
Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels

Without their stars, the Astros’ depth is being sought to score enough to support their pitchers. Their pitchers are also badly injured and are hoping for some key recoveries. Yordan Alvarez and Jeremy Pena are two players who will be sought after to fill these roles.

If they can’t, their fans’ frustration will only increase as the team stagnates.

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