How to use protection magic: 5 spells that cleanse negative energy and protect you from bad vibrations

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Knowledge how to use protection magic it can remove stagnant energy, protect you from negative vibrations, and strengthen the barriers of your aura. It can even preserve your vitality and repel people with bad intentions. Plus, it doesn’t have to be complicated for it to work! In fact, it is the simple spells that are usually the most effective.

For as long as humans have been alive, they have sought protection. When ancient humans lived in tribes, it was very important for people to feel a sense of physical security, but in our more modern, domesticated time period, the focus has shifted to our own spiritual and energetic protection. trusting in spells to conjure our desires in existence is an age-old practice that far surpasses witchcraft, but still lives on today in the form of practical magic and spiritual rituals.

The focus of protection spells varies depending on the ritual and the intentions that are set. Make sure you have dedicated time to be able to focus during these spells It will be the most important part of the process. energy flows where does our attention go!

I’m here to share all my best tips and secrets like a modern day witch to make sure that you, your health and your home are well protected for the times ahead. Check out the list below for the top five protection spells to incorporate into your spiritual practice.

5 protection spells that protect your energy

Red Bracelet Magical Protection

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What are you doing: Avoid the “evil eye”

In many Latin American countries, it is customary for loved ones to adorn their loved ones. with a red string bracelet. This practice is intended to ward off the “evil eye” or evil eye energy from people who are jealous, envious, or simply wish evil for you. These red bracelets not only ward off negative energy but are also believed to bring good luck to the wearer.

Make sure a trusted loved one ties your red string bracelet on your left wrist, as the left side of the body is associated with our “receiving” or feminine energy this is the best practice. Before placing the bracelet on your wrist, make sure that you and your accomplice have a proper (and positive) intention. You can recite “this bracelet is meant to bring protection, luck and good fortune to the person who wears it” or just set that intention silently and separately before tying the bracelet.

It is important to note that in original practice, red wristbands are not to be touched by the person who originally wore them once they fall off. It is said to be bad luck to pick it up again once it has been broken, and the bracelet itself has passed its protective lifespan. That is, it is better to ask someone close to pick up and dispose of the bracelet, or just leave it where it fell and walk away. As with all protection spells, we want to be aware of all the steps in your process and not just the easy, fun, or beginning stages of the spells.

Protection Prayer Magic Spell

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What are you doing: Invite protective energy into your life

This practice does not require additional elements to be configured. To set up your protection spell, start by slowly inhaling and exhaling 3 times. When you are calm and centered, chant the following protection spell three times:

sun Elements,

elements of the day,

please come this way.

Powers of Night and Day, I call upon you.

I call on you to protect me! So be it.

This is a very strong and protective spell that has been in practice for occultists, witches and believers for many centuries. Connecting deeply with his own innate sense of protection while chanting this spell will help solidify his intention. Try to imagine a ball of golden energy surrounding you as you chant this spell, growing stronger with each chant.

Drink fire cider to protect your energy and health

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What are you doing: Replenish your spiritual and physical vitals

Our health is one of the most important indicators of vitality, longevity and energy. When our health is at stake, it is best to keep ourselves well with a protection spell in the form of “Fire Cider” or a tincture of the gods.

To make Fire Cider:

  1. Mix together chopped fresh herbs and vegetables (chili peppers, oregano, sage, thyme, garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric) and fill a mason jar with apple cider vinegar, making sure the ACV covers all other ingredients.
  2. Store this new mixture in a cool, dark place for 2-4 weeks.
  3. strain your mixture
  4. Take a drink of your Fire Cider potion regularly (especially during cold and flu season or if you have been directly exposed to someone who is sick)

Many of these herbs contain antiviral properties, which help protect us from diseases, as well as negative energies. Historically, herbs have been used to ward off everything from vampires (think garlic cloves) to plagues. Fire Cider also makes a great gift or addition to a care package for your witchy friends. Don’t be afraid to play in your apothecary *or kitchen as Muggles like to call it these days*.

How to use smoke to eliminate bad energy

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What are you doing: Eliminate negative energy and unwanted spirits.

It has long been known that smoke drives away evil energy and drives out spirits with bad intentions. Think about candle divination: many people believe that you are able to see your own powerful and focused energy if you gaze intently at the small stream of smoke coming from a burning candle, taking it from erratic to focused with just a few seconds of intentional effort. curious. Now we want to understand where this practice started and we can look at Aboriginal and Native American culture. From smoke signals to smearing to birth rituals, the indigenous peoples of the Americas truly set the stage for more modern uses of smoke and stain protection tools.

To start your own smoke protection rituals, use one or more of the following sustainably sourced:

  • Incense
  • Herbs (incense, pine, cedar, rosemary)
  • Wise
  • Lignum vitae
  • candles

Set an intention before burning. An example would be:

“While I ignite this tool, please protect me from any and all negative forces, visible or invisible, and illuminate the most aligned path ahead. Please grant me security from all energy that tries to stop me on my path, my joy, my health and my purpose. So it can be.

candle protection magic

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What are you doing: Protect and strengthen your sacred space

Our home is the space in which our container lives, but it is also a center of energy. If you have other members of your household, nosy neighbors, guests, or have given your home address to others, it may be wise to practice protection rituals for your home. The list below will give you steps to not only protect your home, but also to ensure that your health, well-being, happiness, wealth, and joy are protected. through these intentional and conscious practices.

  • Mirrors: bring a mirror (or mirrors) over a burning candle flame and recite “I infuse this mirror with the energy of this flame so that it can burn away all negative energy. I pass this mirror through the smoke so I can protect and secure my home”, then place the mirror(s) on each of the windowed sides of your home. This will reflect all negative energy back to the originator and keep your home safe.
  • Clean up the mess: stuck and stagnant energy no more! When we clear out clutter (especially nostalgic clutter from our past) it helps keep the energy light and fresh in the home, making it easier for love, creativity, and clarity to exist.
  • Get out of the door: take ground salt and put a line outside each door that leads outside from your house. Salt is said to absorb negative energy, so it’s best to keep it on the outside edge of your door.

Above all, protection spells and rituals are best performed when there is a deep and firm belief that you are safe. Even in moments of overwhelm, threat, or doubt, ground yourself back in the divine knowing that your guides and angels want the best for you. Take these protection spells and use them as often as you need to achieve a deep and unshakable feeling of safety and security, both inside and outside your home!

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