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If you need help in How to make a chair for Christmas parties in Disney Valley of Dreams LightWe’ve got you covered! In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, crafting is one of the many things you can do, which means you’ll need to acquire ingredients to follow the recipes. Valley of the light of dreams is a hybrid between a “life simulator” and an adventure game that includes a mix of exploration, quests, and activities, such as crafting and cooking, to keep the game fresh and playable in the long run. Dreamlight Valley is a place where you will find Disney and Pixar characters!

How to Make a Chair for Holiday Parties at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Holiday Feast Chair is a newly added item for the 2022 holiday season. It was added in the Mission in Uncharted Space update that was released on December 6. Only two ingredients are needed, although you will need multiples of each, to craft this item.

Holiday Party Chair Recipe for Disney Dreamlight Valley

These are the ingredients you will need to make a Festive Party Chair and where to find the ingredients used to make a Festive Party Chair.

  • 5x hardwood — found foraging near trees in Sunlit Plateau, Forest of Valor, Frozen Peaks, Forgotten Lands, Glade of Trust
  • 3x Cloth — made from cotton 5x (per roll of fabric), can sometimes be sold at Kristoff’s stall

Now, put all the ingredients in the crafting station to create the recipe above!

That concludes our guide on how to make a Holiday Feast Chair in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which will hopefully help you progress through the game. You can see more of our Disney Dreamlight Valley Coverage!

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