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Turkey Head Filter is the latest viral filter on Instagram and users are wondering how to get it. If you too are inspired by this fun filter, here we have gathered all the details on how to get the turkey head filter on Instagram.

The filter game is getting stronger with each passing day and all the social platforms are constantly releasing new effects. Like all social media platforms, Instagram also keeps releasing new filters to keep its users entertained.

Instagram has inspired its users with its impressive camera filters over time. Although the concept of filters emerged on Instagram a bit later, it was well worth the wait. Currently, there are hundreds of awesome filters for Instagram users to choose from.

After Augmented Reality filter creators gained access to create and post filters on Instagram, the number of Instagram filters exceeded a thousand. The latest addition to the catalog of flashy Instagram filters is the turkey head filter. The filter is all about fun and users have created funny content using this effect. If you too are looking to shoot a video using this filter, we’ve got you covered, here’s what the turkey head filter is all about and how to access it on Instagram. Keep reading!

Turkey Head Instagram Filter

It is getting harder and harder for content creators to survive on social media platforms and the number of content creators is increasing with each passing day. Content creators are running out of ideas as the competition gets tougher.

In the midst of this, filters come to the rescue and help content creators come up with new ideas. From fun filters to beauty filters, quizzes and games, filter creators bring various new ideas every day. The latest filter that is trending on Instagram is the turkey head filter.

As the name suggests, the turkey head filter turns your head into that of a turkey when applied with the front camera. Users have found the filter funny so they are looking to know how to get turkey head filter on Instagram.

When you apply the turkey head filter to your face, your head is replaced with a turkey that also looks like a chicken. The turkey will appear wearing sunglasses and a hat with the word ‘Friends’ written on it.

If you’re looking to access this filter on Instagram, we’ve provided a step-by-step explanation below.

How can I get the turkey head filter on Instagram?

Image of how I can get the turkey head filter on Instagram.

To get the turkey head filter on Instagram, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Open your updated Instagram account and go to the search bar.
  • Type Friends in the search bar and hit enter.
  • Follow the creator to access all their filters and get notified about the newest filters.
  • Now next to the reels section you will find the filters option.
  • In the filters section, you will get the Turkey Head Filter with the username Monica’s Turkey Head.
  • Once it detects the filter, open it and tap on the option to try it out.
  • Record the video using your front camera and you will get the turkey head instantly.
  • Once you’ve recorded the video, tap the download arrow or add it to your Instagram story instantly.

This is the only filter introduced by the official Friends Instagram account. The filter is being used by thousands of users, so this funny filter is going viral on Instagram.

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The bottom line

It was all about what the turkey head filter on Instagram is all about and how to get it on Instagram. Was the information useful? Let us know in the comment box below.

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