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If you want to make some videos, the Octopus Face filter is the effect to have, but how to get it on Instagram? We have collected all the details for you. Here’s everything you need to know about what Octopus Face Filter is on Instagram and how to get it on the old photo-sharing app. Read on for all the details.

Since its anticipation, we have seen Instagram evolve into the best social media platform. It initially emerged as a photo-sharing app, and users could only post their images. Later, it implemented features like stories, reels, notes, filters, and many other features. The platform has now grown to the point of becoming one of the best social media platforms.

Apart from allowing users to create unique content, the app is also home to fun filters and games. You can use these fun filters to spend your free time well and entertain your followers.

The latest fun filter that Instagrammers are going crazy over is the octopus face filter. When applied to the face, the filter turns you into a giant octopus. It is an amazing effect if you want to create funny videos for your followers. Below we have provided a step by step guide on how to get the octopus face filter on Instagram. Keep reading!

What is Octopus Face Filter on Instagram?

Instagram filters and effects are amazing tools to enhance your social media posts. Since they offer a variety of options, you can create unique content every time. One day you can show your pretty face with beauty-enhancing filters, while the other days you can make some funny videos with the funny Instagram filters.

One such filter that can give you a creepy octopus-like look is the famous Instagram octopus face filter. Pretty similar to all other social media effects, this effect is also created by an AR creator.

AR creators have made it very easy for content creators to come up with unique content ideas. These effects created by AR creators come to the rescue when content creators run out of ideas.

The latest fun trending Octopus Face Filter is created by an AR filter creator named Naza Carrero. Naza calls herself an AR creator and a digital creator. She has amassed more than 18,400 followers on her Instagram accounts. You can follow her to get your hands on some amazing filters. Her handle is the best place to get awesome fun filters.

How to get the octopus face filter?

Image of how to get the octopus face filter

To get the octopus face filter on Instagram, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • First of all, open your Instagram handle and go to the home page.
  • Tap the search icon and type Naza Carrero and hit enter.
  • Once you find the creator profile, tap on the three stars (filters) located next to the reels icon.
  • Among the filters looks this crazy Octopus Face Filter.
  • When you find the effect, tap on the try it option to apply it on your face and become an octopus.
  • You can also use various other fun filters available in this controller to create some fun filters. Some of the popular filters in this AR creator are Alien Face Filter, Avocado Filter, and Halloween Pumpkin Filter.

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The last words

This was all the information available on what Octopus Face Filter on Instagram is all about and how to get it on the old photo sharing app. Hopefully the information was useful.

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