How to get free Lil’ Sweeties pickaxe in Fortnite – Try Hard Guides

Image: Epic Games

Epic Games is hosting an event known as the Creative Builders Challenge! This allows players to play a variety of different Fortnite creative maps and vote on them to decide which is the best. Doing so will earn you a free in-game cosmetic, which means it’s well worth spending time playing through these creations and earning yourself a new pickaxe.

How to Get Lil’ Sweeties Pickaxe for Free

You can get Lil’ Sweeties pickaxe for free, you have to play six different creative maps and then vote for the winner. You have to play all six before you can vote. Once you’ve done that, head over to the Creative Builders Challenge website and vote for the map that you liked the most.

Here is the list of creative maps you will need to play in order to vote:

The website seems to get a lot of traffic, so it doesn’t always load correctly. I would just try to play normally and hopefully it will register that you played.

Lil Sweeties Icon Image
small sweets

Once you’ve played the six different maps and voted for your favorite, you should eventually receive the Little Sweeties Peak. when the beak reaches your inventory, you should get an in-game alert letting you know you’ve received it.

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