How to connect your Spotify account to your Discord

If you’re a Spotify and Discord user, you’ll be happy to know that you can make both services go hand in hand. You can connect your Spotify account to your Discord account to share your music with other people.

If this sounds great, that’s because it is! How can you integrate these services and what can you do once you integrate them? Here is a quick and easy guide to show you.

How to connect your Spotify account to Discord

Connecting your Spotify account is a really easy task. First, open the Discord app or website and go to your profile settings. It’s the small panel at the bottom left of the screen.

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On your profile screen, you’ll see a long list of items in the left panel. Look for the connections button under the user settings section. When you click on that, you will see a page with all your connected services. There is a box at the top that will show you all the available services that you can assign; Look for the Spotify option.

When you click that button, you will be taken to your browser where you can log into your Spotify account. This process will be faster if you are already logged into your account. After that, you will get a confirmation screen.

How to disconnect accounts

If you decide this isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Disconnecting accounts is extremely simple. come back to your connections page. This time, it will show Spotify below the box.

In the upper right corner of that box, you will see an “X”. Just click that little X and it will confirm that you want to take the services offline. Doing so will not sign you out of Spotify in your browser.

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How does the Spotify integration with Discord work?

When you link your Spotify account to Discord, there are some cool things you can do. They will add a community aspect to your Spotify account.


For starters, when you look at your profile, you’ll see what music you’re currently listening to as your status. It will tell you the name of the song, album, and artist, as well as show you the album cover.

This is great if you’re curious about what other people are listening to. It lets you know if you both like the same type of music.

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group listening

If there’s music you want others to listen to, you can share your music with others on Spotify. Let’s say you’re in a group chat and you just want to sit back and relax with some Hall & Oates (or whatever the kids are listening to), you can. Everyone in the chat will be able to listen to the music at the same time.

This is also useful if you are trying to set a certain mood. People who like Dungeons & Dragons can also find a good use for this feature. Using the integration, the DM can play certain songs for the group that match the overall mood they want to set.

When you’re listening to music with another person, the music is synced. This means that everyone will be in exactly the same place in the music. When I pause it, the music will stop for everyone. Also, when you skip a track, it will be skipped for everyone.

How to use the integration

There are a few ways to use Spotify’s integration with Discord. For starters, if you go to someone’s profile, you’ll see that they’re listening to music. All you have to do is click on their profile and look just below the song you are listening to. you will see a Spotify button and, right next to it, there will be a listen along button. By clicking that button, you will join that listening session.

There is also a way to invite an entire channel to listen to the music. To do this, go to the channel and click on the “+” icon in the chat bar. When you see the resulting popup, you will see a Invite [channel name] to listen to Spotify.

When you do that, you will see a small window appear in the middle of the screen. You have the option to add a message along with the invitation. Once you hit the Invite button, it will generate a link to join the session. Clicking on the link will open Spotify in the same place of the song as the host.

It doesn’t matter what subscription you have

If you’re worried about not being able to use this on a free Spotify subscription, rest assured. You can link your accounts with the free subscription.

However, just know that the paid subscription levels will definitely improve the experience. If you don’t know what benefits you get from a Spotify premium subscription, here’s a little refresher.

With a premium subscription, you can listen to any track you want whenever you want. If you have the free subscription, you can only shuffle playlists and albums. You cannot choose which track to play.

Also, if you have a premium subscription, you have unlimited jumps. If you need to change tracks during your listening session, you can do so as many times as you need. You don’t want to get stuck right before your favorite track.

Ad breaks can really dampen the listening experience. That’s why it’s great that a premium subscription removes ads. You don’t want to get a car commercial while fighting a dragon in your D&D session.

If you’re looking to get a premium plan, it starts at just $9.99/month. You can check the following link.

Spotify Subscription

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