How to complete the Winter is Leaving achievement on Honkai Star Rail

HoYoverse has done a fantastic job of transferring the best elements of Genshin Impact to Honkai Star Rail. The title is packed with achievements that you can unlock on your own. Completing them will net you Star Jades and other valuable in-game items in return. Some achievements require you to progress quite a bit in the story. An example is the Winter is Leaving achievement.

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C.Complete the mission The Return to reach Winter is Leaving achievement in Honkai Star Lane

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To get the Winter is Leaving achievement on Honkai Star Rail, you will need to complete the quest “The Return”.

“The Return” serves as the second subquest within the “Paths to the Past Have Long Been Closed” chapter of the Trailblaze quest, which takes place under the blazing morning sun.

This is a peculiar mission in Honkai Star Rail, where your character ends up in a strange dimension surrounded by Nebulous Stars. According to the story, you will have the opportunity to gain a new power in the element of Fire. After obtaining it, you will meet Cocolia. With the power of the Fire element, your Trailblazer should be able to easily beat the boss.

After defeating Cocolia, you will have to talk to your companions. After going through a series of long dialogues, you will finally get the Winter Is Leaving achievement as a reward. You will also receive 20 Stellar Jades.

Winter is Leaving is a fairly easy achievement to get. However, if you are having a hard time beating Cocolia, please continue reading.

How to beat Cocolia in Honkai Star Rail

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According to lore, Cocolia was the former supreme guardian of Belobog. She not only possesses formidable strength, but she also comes across as a cunning opponent. she has dominion over ice and snowwith the ability to freeze opponents.

This boss fight can be divided into two phases. Cocolia can be quite difficult to reach in the first phase. This stage is more about knowing your opponent’s move sets. Things will get ugly when Cocolia impales your Trailblazer with a sphere. Your character will immediately be transferred to a surreal space. On the plus side, your character will be able to converse with Guardians, who will arm you with the fire element.

Now armed with the Fire Release, the second phase of the boss fight with cocolia begin to. Fortunately, the rest of your crew members will be able to join in on the action. Cocolia has plenty of tricky moves up her sleeve. However, with the Fire element on your side, you should have no problem defeating her. This is because she is weak to the fire element.

It is advisable not to rely solely on the Fire element. Try to mix some lighting and quantum characters in action too.

This concludes our guide on how to beat Cocolia and unlock the Winter is Leaving achievement on Honkai Star Rail.

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