How TE Foster Moreau can help the Saints’ offense with his amazing comeback story

During a routine physical in March by the New Orleans Saints medical team during a free agent visit, former Las Vegas Raiders tight end Forster Moreau was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of cancer It affects the lymphatic system, which is part of the body’s immune system that fights germs.

Moreau disclosed the diagnosis on his Twitter account.

On Wednesday, Moreau’s story took a wonderful turn.

Moreau will reunite with Derek Carr, his former Raiders quarterback, who signed a four-year, $150 million contract with $100 million guaranteed with New Orleans in early March. Obviously, Darren Waller was Carr’s main explosive target with the Raiders, but Moreau brought his own specific value, catching 33 passes on 49 targets for 420 yards and two touchdowns in the 2022 season. Throughout his NFL career, LSU’s 2019 fourth-round pick totaled 91 receptions on 128 targets for 1,107 yards and 12 touchdowns.

While not in the same downfield threat category as Waller, Moreau made himself a valuable starting target for Carr with his ability to open up quickly from center and maximize yardage opportunities after the catch. 241 of his 420 yards last season came after the catch, and that’s what he brings to the Saints.

Moreau also brings contest-catching ability to the table, and there is perhaps no better example than this 21-yard catch in Week 17 against the 409ers. Moreau not only managed to keep Nick Bosa at bay early on, but then dove into his route and battled cornerback Deommodor Lenior when Lenoir caught up with him.

Basically, if you want an online tight end who can spread open, take defenders off the body, and make some amazing catches late on, Moreau is a clear asset. The Chargers could tell you all about it.

So while Moreau’s return to the NFL is absolutely a feel-good story, he also has what it takes to add to the Saints’ passing game, and Derek Carr has a key receiver he trusts.

Which makes it a win-win-win.


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