Hope Breakfast Bar owners scrap plans for Spring Break restaurant across from Xcel Energy Center

Spring break, Restaurant with the theme of the 1980s soon to open across from the Xcel Energy Center, has been canceled, said owner Brian Ingram.

The restaurant was to be a major tenant of the Seven Corners Gateway development, which also includes another Ingram restaurant, the Apostle Supper Club and a hotel. whose construction was interrupted fire in 2020. Developer Carl Kaeding said he plans to find a new restaurant for the several-thousand-square-foot space.

Ingram, who also runs Hope Breakfast Bar and Gnome Craft Pub, said he hopes to revisit the idea in the future, but said his creative energy is too weak to do justice to the ambitious project.

“This was going to be such a unique and unique concept that it was going to take a lot of time and effort and I just didn’t have the bandwidth to do it right now,” said the chef and restaurateur. .

Ingram cited pervasive supply chain issues, along with the difficulty of finding contractors and designers to create so many custom elements for the large space. The restaurant was slated to open this spring, but Ingram hasn’t started construction yet, he said.

Kaeding said he found out about a week and a half ago that the restaurant project would not go forward, which he said was disappointing but understandable given the work that went into the Apostle, which opened last year.

His company, Kaeding Development Group, is exploring options for another restaurant tenant to take over the space, he said. Some preliminary plumbing and piping is underway, but the concrete floors haven’t even been poured yet, so the space is a blank canvas for the next tenant, he said.

A Hope Breakfast Bar’s third location is scheduled to open in a few weeks in Eagan. Ingram also has a few other projects in the works that he can’t share details about yet, he said.

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