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Embark on an interstellar odyssey with Honkai Star Rail, an innovative RPG that will take you on a breathtaking journey through the cosmos! Discover an extraordinary variety of worlds and civilizations, each offering a unique glimpse into the vast expanse of the galaxy. If you need help finding Honkai Administrative District: Star Rail chests, we’ve got a map with locations!

Administrative District Chest Locations

In the Administrative District, located in Jarilo-VI, there are 10 Basic Treasure Chests scattered throughout the area. There are nine that can be accessed from any point, but the last chest requires you to access the basement level of the Administrative District. To do this, you will need to make significant progress through the story of Jarilo-VI and get to the middle of the “No Time For Me, My Friend” quest.

Basic Treasure Chest Example via ZaFrostPet

Nine of the basic treasure chests will be found on the Administrative District 1F map (see below). From top to bottom, working left to right, here’s a list of the first nine locations:

  1. From North Space Anchor: Go up the stairs, left in the far left corner, next to the blue phone booth
  2. From North Space Anchor: go up the stairs, to the right, next to the theatrical poster
  3. From North Space Anchor: Head south towards the ladder, next to the guard
  4. From Center Space Anchor: Head east and slightly north, look for a stack of cardboard boxes
  5. From Center Space Anchor: Head directly south to the right of Dominic
  6. From Center Space Anchor: Head south and down the wide hallway, hugging the wall to the west; next to the dump
  7. From Center Space Anchor: Head south and go down the wide corridor, looking for a curved staircase, then go up this staircase and look for iron doors
  8. From South Space Anchor: To the right of the anchor (through a set of doors)
  9. From South Space Anchor: go further south and to your right, in the corner, by the patio tables

The last and last chest in the Administrative District is located in the basement level. You will need to progress through the story of Jarilo-VI, almost to the end, in order to gain access. Once you reach the quest “There Is No Time For Me, My Friend”, you will have to talk to Gepard and you will find the tenth chest to the right of him.

Administrative District Chests – Map

Here are two maps of Administrative District B1 (left) and Administrative District 1F (right) indicating the locations of the 10 Treasure Chests available in the Administrative District in Jarilo-VI.

Image of the administrative district treasure chests

Honkai Star Rail is a new RPG experience that promises to immerse players in a rich and multifaceted universe. As you travel the cosmos aboard the Astral Express, you’ll discover the secrets of the galaxy, explore fantastical worlds, and forge your own path through a narrative that’s shaped by your choices.

We hope our guide helped you find all Signs of Fragmentum beacon locations in Honkai: Star Rail easily! Take a look at more of our Honkai Coverage: Star Rail. Be sure to go to the Honkai: Star Rail Codes page to get gifts in the game.

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