Here’s The Bird That Matches Every Zodiac Sign Because Everyone Wishes They Could Fly

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Imagining what it would be like to fly is something that everyone has done since we have all wondered what it would be like to be a bird. Fortunately, astrology can determine What bird would you be according to your zodiac sign? looking at the spiritual meaning of each bird species and combining it with your zodiac sign traits!

But before we dive into the astrological meaning of our avian counterparts, it would be best to understand what a bird is. from a spiritual point of view. In most cultures, birds represent messages from the spirit realm. Dependent in the bird, the message could traditionally be considered positive or negative. For example, if a stork or a dove crosses your path, then this could be a love message. However, if a crow or owl flies over you, then this could be a bad omen. No matter the bird, it might be worth doing a quick Google search to see what your message is when you encounter a bird.

Each bird also has a greater spiritual context as there is a magical correlation between the species of bird and whatever the bird is doing at the time of receiving the message. Generally speaking, passerines are associated with deceased loved ones, while predatory birds represent spirit guides. Depending on where you lived, the species can vary. However, cardinals and blue jays are commonly associated with deceased loved ones. Hawks, falcons, and other raptors, meanwhile, can represent your spirit guides. Knowing this can help you determine who or what is trying to contact you from the afterlife.

Now consider what the bird is doing at the time you see it. If the bird is perched on your head, next to you, or appears to be watching you, this is likely a spirit’s way of letting you know that it is always with you. If the bird flies above you towards the horizon, this could be a sign that you are going in the right direction. But if the bird flies over you to what’s behind you, you may have a loose end to wrap up or something to check before moving on. If the bird flies in circles, this can indicate a stagnant point in your life. Also, make a note of whether the bird is alive, injured, or dead. The physical condition of the bird can deepen the spiritual context.

As you look to the sky to see what’s soaring above, you might wonder what kind of newbie you’d be if you could fly to the world of birds. There are some astrological placements that you could check in your natal chart, such as your sun or rising sign. I also recommend checking the bird associated with your mercury sign, since Mercury is associated with birds. Read on to see which bird you are based on your Sun, Ascendant, or Mercury sign:

The bird that resembles each zodiac sign



As a fiery and fiery soul, you radiate a strong presence that conquers others. Like you, the falcon dominates the sky thanks to its intense and independent character. This feathered predator is known for its tenacity and rigorous attitude. Both you and the hawk share the same instinctive nature that allows both of you to seize the moment if it feels right. Although you and the hawk have an intimidating reputation, you and the hawk also have a surprisingly gentle yet hidden side that very few are privy to experiencing.



Taurus, it’s no secret that you’re the one with an eye for beauty and impeccable taste! Perhaps this is because it is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, glamor and pleasure. Like you, the hummingbird shares your exquisite tastes and yearning for devotion. Although the similarities in galas are obvious, one may be surprised to learn that you and the hummingbird also share a territorial nature. You and the hummingbird can be aggressive when provoked, as you both share a keen sense of loyalty and determination. After all, no one loves more than you and your avian counterpart.



Does Polly want a cookie or you, Gemini? While there are so many beautiful parakeets to choose from, there is no doubt that the parrot is your feathered soulmate. Since you are ruled by Mercury, you are known for your endless curiosity and talkativeness. Like you, the parrot reflects your social and talkative nature. The parrot’s sociable personality and incredible intelligence perfectly capture your Mercurial energy. Thanks to you and the parrot’s bright energies, the two of you are always the life of the party, even if it means you both get into a little mischief.



The old woman’s tale of storks bringing babies to parents-to-be may come to mind, as this bird is your avian soulmate, Cancer. You are typically associated with home, family, and motherhood, so it would make sense that you would be paired with the stork given the folklore. But fairy tales aside, you and the stork also share a kindred emotional nature. While your strong feelings are admirable, you and the stork may have trouble with your emotional impulses. However, your sentimental nature and that of the stork can be a positive indicator to be intuitive. It’s simply a matter of finding the balance, which is what you and your avian counterpart are looking for!



Dazzling is what you do best, Leo. Everyone knows that you love being the center of attention, especially when you can show it off. Your desire to shine like a superstar is complemented by the peacock’s charm and confidence. The brilliant plumage of the peacock demands attention, so it’s hard to ignore this feathered celebrity. Just like you, the peacock certainly knows how to make an entrance to wow everyone in the room. Plus, there’s more to you and the peacock than your good looks, as you both share an enthusiastic social energy.



Birds are usually smart, but you need more as your avian counterpart should resonate with your analytical nature and desire for organization, Virgo. Of all the possibilities, the owl seems to capture your strategic mind and precision. The barn owl is an efficient bird that likes to focus its energy as it does not display itself like a bird of paradise or intimidate like a raptor. Both you and the owl share a desire to get it right the first time, so you’d rather plan accordingly. Not to mention, dignity is a must for you and your avian soulmate, as you’re both conscientious creatures!



While there are so many captivating songbirds and stunning chicks, there’s no doubt that your feathered soulmate is the flamingo, Libra. Since pink is one of her colors and keeping balance is associated with her zodiac sign, flamingo would be the obvious choice. However, there is more than meets the eye, as you and flamenco want to connect. Flamingos are clique birds that form friendships based on personality attributes, which reflect their desire for reciprocal counterparts. So it’s no surprise that you and the flamingo share the “birds of a feather flock together” mentality with your relationships.



“Never again” you will wonder who your avian counterpart is, Scorpio! The raven is your feathered soul mate, as this graceful and moody bird perfectly exemplifies your mysterious energy and penchant for taboo. The raven is not only a major pop culture symbol, but also has occult roots, as this bird is typically a prophetic omen. Since you are the zodiac sign associated with all things occult, your psychic senses are captured by the spiritual symbolism of the raven. Aside from all the magical stuff, you and the raven also look more intimidating than they are. You and the raven teach that there is always more than meets the eye.



If anyone is the astrological fool, then it’s you, Sagittarius! Your upbeat attitude and boisterous energy are contagious, so people usually love being around you because you bring fun wherever you go. Just like you, the toucan loves to entertain, as this large-billed bird is undeniably friendly and playful. Both you and the toucan are crowd pleasers as you share a theatrical vibe. Not to mention, the toucan is incredibly smart as this bird of paradise can be trained to do all sorts of tricks, closely reflecting your curious nature. Between you and the toucan, adventures await!



Just like Aries, you also need a fierce avian counterpart that can command the sky and get the job done, Capricorn. As a direct and assertive leader, your energy is best paired with the eagle. This avian powerhouse perfectly captures your bravery and tenacity. The eagle is not afraid to go after what it wants, as this predator’s take-charge attitude pushes them toward greatness. So it should come as no surprise that the eagle’s status and reputation exemplify its impressive achievements. After all, you and the eagle are high achievers who will stop at nothing to rise above the rest.



While there are so many unique bird species, it’s possible that the cuckoo is your feathered friend, Aquarius. As an aloof and aloof zodiac sign, it can be a bit difficult to get to know you. Like you, the cuckoo is often hard to spot, as this shy bird likes to hide rather than make its presence known. In addition to sharing a desire for alone time, you and the cuckoo have a unique way of doing things. Neither you nor the cuckoo believe in following the rules, so you share an unconventional outlook on life. Maybe that’s what drives them both “crazy”!



As a spiritual water sign, you are often associated with the spirit realm, Pisces. Your otherworldly nature is what draws you to the metaphysical, so you should pair yourself with a bird that resonates with your spiritual frequency. While birds are generally considered omens and messengers in various cultures, the cardinal stands out as this crimson passerine is a sign that there is a message from beyond the grave. Only a psychic zodiac sign like yourself would truly understand the supernatural significance of the cardinal, which is why this is its feathered counterpart.

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