“He was super strong” – Jarred Brooks explains the difficulty of taking the Joshua Pacio fight to the ground

A ONE 164, jarred brooks He continued his perfect run at the ONE Championship with a fourth straight win. In the biggest fight of his career to date, Brooks defeated Joshua Pacio to win the world strawweight championship.

Brooks has had a lot to say since coming to ONE Championship, but he has been able to back up everything he has said with his performances. In his clash with previously dominant world champion Joshua Pacio, many expected Brooks’ grappling to make the difference in the fight.

While he has been able to control all of his previous opponents inside the ring with his wrestling skills, Jarred Brooks was forced to adapt his game plan on December 3 in order to walk away as the winner.

In his post-event press conference, ‘The Monkey God’ spoke about the problems he had in implementing his game plan into the fight and placing more emphasis on his attack:

“I consolidated my takedowns, like I said with the roundhouse kicks and things like that. I would take advantage of that. But he was super strong. He did a pretty good job of alleviating whatever he was trying to bring him down with. He made me use my hands.”


“Like I said, cheers to all my attacking coaches. Shout out to all the people who have been waiting for me to use my punch.”

Jarred Brooks respects Joshua Pacio, but says the animosity was real: ‘There are real issues there’

Jarred Brooks was clear in the build-up to his fight with Joshua Pacio that his insults towards his opponent were not stemming from disrespect.

‘The Monkey God’ has spoken in the past about how what he says before a fight is just an extension of his supreme confidence as he steps into the cage to dominate his opponents.

On Saturday at ONE 164, Brooks earned the biggest win of his career in Manila. ‘The Monkey God’ earned a unanimous decision victory to become the promotion’s new strawweight world champion.

Speaking at the ONE 164 post-fight press conference, Jarred Brooks noted that while there may be respect between him and Joshua Pacio, there is still tension there:

“No. The animosity, when you get in front of someone who wants to fight you, and when you make eye contact, there’s animosity. There’s real beef there. But you know, the respect is there after the fight too, and that you win inside the circle”.

Watch the communicator below:

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Since coming up short against Brooks at ONE 164 on Saturday, Joshua Pacio has broken his silence on Instagram, saying:

“We didn’t get the Win last Saturday, but thank God I learned a lot and saw what to improve more as an athlete, what I love about this sport is continuous learning and leveling up and that’s what I intend to do. , I will come back stronger, smarter and more dangerous.

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