“He doesn’t seem to have enough respect for other players”: when Stephen Ames badmouthed a young Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of all time by many metrics. Most fans of the sport would consider him the best ever to pick a club. However, this was not always like that. He has time and praise on his side, but they were once absent.

In the early stages of his career, many could tell that he was a golfer destined for great things. Woods seemed like he knew it too. However, that upset some competitors.

Stephen Ames, a 15-time winner, didn’t appreciate Woods’ audacity when he was paired with him for an event.

According to TalkSport, Ames said:

“He doesn’t seem like he has enough respect for other players. Tiger seems bigger than the game. He’s a spoiled 24-year-old. If I were in his position, I’d be more considerate.”

“If I was hitting the spit of [other players], he wouldn’t have to beat them that way as well. He made $11 million [in 1999]backed over $50 million, why do you have to be unhappy?

The legendary golfer would go on to play extremely well, making a staggering seven birdies and two pars over a stretch of nine holes. That sent Ames into an early exit. After the game, Woods laughed off the incident:

“Oh yes. There certainly was. Stephen provided it. I think I got it right today. I think you get it now.”

tiger forest defeated Ames 9 and 8, taking every hole on the front nine before squaring off the 10th to end the contest. Ames probably regretted what he said.

Tiger Woods NDA situation with Erica Herman continues

Currently, Tiger Woods is not struggling disrespect from competitors. He is battling his declining health and a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman. She alleges that there was sexual assault and that her NDA is null and void.

Tiger Woods is fighting a legal issue
Tiger Woods is fighting a legal issue

Through Bleacher Report, Woods’ legal team has answered:

“Ms. Herman’s response demonstrates a lack of understanding of the procedures to be followed at the next hearing… As the record clearly demonstrates, Mr. Woods has insisted at every opportunity that [Ms.] Herman is bound by the arbitration provisions of the NDA and has sought to enforce its rights under them.”

Herman’s last submission read:

“The landlord conditioned the availability of his apartment on his having a sexual relationship with a co-tenant. Such conduct amounts to sexual harassment under federal and Florida fair housing laws.”

This situation has been going on for a while, but it doesn’t seem like the courts are programmed to side with German on this question. Woods, while recovering from ankle surgery, can emerge relatively unscathed.

It is currently unclear when the golfer will return to action on the PGA Tour while he recovers. He recently confirmed that he would not make a surprise appearance at the PGA Championship next weekend.

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