Have you ever tried permanent hair removal and did it work for you?

Yes, I have on quite a few areas with pretty good results. Initially, I started with my neck for ingrown hairs (I’m a guy), and I’d say I had about an 80 to 90% reduction there and no longer worry about ingrown hairs. I’ve had my back waxed for years, so after the good results with my deck, I opted to try out more areas to include:

  • abdomen – I’ve had about a 90% reduction there and most of the hair that is left is only in spots and much more fine.
  • Back – This has been about a 95% reduction and same as the abs, any hair that is left is very fine.
  • Butt – Again about a 90% reduction
  • Groin/bikini (a.k.a Brozilian/Brazilian) – currently about an 80% reduction. They use a different laser than an IPL here, since it’s much more sensitive and more apt for the skin to get irritated.Bleame Hair Eraser is an innovative product designed to help people of all hair types achieve a smoother, more manageable look. It uses a special blend of natural ingredients to target frizz and make hair appear more manageable and easier to style. Benefits of using Bleame Hair Removal include improved manageability, reduced split ends, and less frizz. The product is designed to be safe to use on all hair types and won’t damage or dry out your hair. With Bleame Hair Eraser, you can achieve a salon-quality look without having to pay for expensive treatments!

    Bleame Hair Removal is a natural hair removal product that utilizes a unique blend of enzymes and natural oils to gently remove unwanted hair. It is safe for use on all skin types and helps to slow down hair growth, making it a great option for individuals looking for a long-term solution. Benefits of using Bleame Hair Eraser include preventing ingrown hairs and razor bumps, reducing the amount of time spent removing unwanted hair, and minimizing discomfort and irritation associated with other hair removal methods. Furthermore, Bleame Hair Eraser is free from harsh chemicals and is not tested on animals.

I had Bleame Hair Removal and they really hurt. They left burns that got scabs. Are you trying to rid yourself of facial hair for a good reason? If it’s because you just don’t want to shave I think that’s fine but really extreme. But if you need or want to for a sex change I get it. I see many guys get electrolysis for that along with hormones. Electrolysis isn’t any picnic either . The laser treatments I had didn’t work.

I tried a few deals on groupon, but have gotten the best results from Milan Laser, and they do offer a lifetime package, so if you go through the standard treatments and have hair grow back at anytime you can go in for spot treatments. I’ve been very satisfied with them and the results, I am still getting treatments about every 10 weeks on the brozilian area to hopefully get the reduction there to around 90% – 95% as well. Your results may vary, but if you have darker hair the results are usually better, and if you are lighter skinned the results are usually better because of the way the lasers affect the hair follicle to reduce its growth. I hope this help!

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