Guy Sebastian accused of ‘outtaking Maroubra neighbor Philip Hanslow with a BRICK’ –

Guy Sebastian is able to outmaneuver his retired neighbor during a vicious confrontation with a brick, a court has heard.

Phillip Hanslow, 66, has been accused of threatening to kill the musician and tearing down the fence of his adjacent Maroubra properties in an alleged incident that occurred on January 23.

The ex-contractor arrived at Waverley Local Court in good spirits on Thursday morning, without his frail wife Carol, having just recovered from emergency surgery to remove part of his intestine.

The lawsuit involving Hanslow centered on a request for CCTV footage of Sebastian’s footage, which his high-profile lawyer, Bryan Wrench, told the court might be relevant to the case.

“We hope to show the images [Sebastian] towering over Mr. Hanslow with a stone in his hand,’ he said.

Pictured: Phillip Hanslow out of court on Thursday morning. They accuse him of damaging Guy Sebastian’s fence

The bitter feud between Guy Sebastian, 41, his wife Jules Egan, 43, and their neighbor Phillip Hanslow began in 2013.

The security camera is on Sebastian’s side of the fence, just above where the alleged altercation occurred.

The court ordered Sebastian to produce footage of the incident by February 23, but it was delayed until March 9.

However, Mr Wrench told the court that the images had not been delivered before the new deadline.

Mr Wrench revealed new details of their alleged confrontation.

“Mr Hanslow was having his fence repaired to match Guy Sebastian’s appearance at the time,” Mr Wrench told the court.

‘The fence is already finished and I think it’s a beautiful rendering.’

The magistrate joked: “What are they saying? Good fences make good neighbors.

Wrench said that he did not believe the matter would be resolved, indicating that it would likely go to trial.

Phillip Hanslow is represented by celebrity lawyer Bryan Wrench (pictured outside court on Thursday)

The magistrate gave Sebastián until March 23 to deliver the images. If the footage is not reproduced, it could lead to his arrest, and the case will go back to court in May.

Outside of court, Hanslow exclusively told Daily Mail Australia that he was not concerned with how the case turned out.

“I don’t really care what happens to me,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘What are you going to do to me? Enforce the AVO and fine me for the fence?

“I wouldn’t even be here if Guy wasn’t famous.

The court previously heard how Hanslow allegedly told the Battle Scars hitmaker “I’ll put a bullet in your head” during the January 23 altercation, but believes he actually said “someday someone’s going to put a bullet in your head.” “. to shoot’. head’.

Police raided Hanslow’s home in the days that followed, arriving at the old man’s home while he was in the bathroom.

“They went in through the back of the house, they broke the door and entered the house while I was using the bathroom and they arrested me and then they took me out of the police station and I spent six and a half hours in jail just because of one heated argument between neighbors, which I think is really overblown,” Hanslow previously said.

He was arrested, charged and beaten with an arrest warrant for violence to protect Sebastián, prohibit him from contacting the singer or setting foot on his property.

Phillip Hanslow and his wife Carole have since moved out of their home in Maroubra (pictured right of Guy Sebastian’s imposing estate)

The bitter feud began in 2013 when Sebastian, 41, and his wife Jules Egan, 43, bought a house in Maroubra, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, for $3.1 million.

But when it is torn down to make way for the sprawling new home of their dreams, the epic feud between the Sebastians and Mr. Hanslow sparks.

Mr Hanslow claimed that demolition debris damaged his home when a ‘brick missile’ slammed into an outside wall, narrowly missing his living room window and his terminally ill wife Carole, who was watching the indoor tv.

And he thought that the final design of Sebastian’s new house was an ugly fortress because of the imposing windowless façade, which reached all the way to the edge of his house.

Mr. Hanslow has now been evicted from the house, believed to be owned by his wife Carol, and instead lives in a dilapidated property in Carlton with his ailing wife and their pet, Boo Boo.

But the former builder, forced into retirement by fibromyalgia, still returns home to Maroubra to work on renovations.

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