GTA Online Fans React To New Last Dose Mission Design

GTA Online’s Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose update is live now, and players can jump into the new psychedelic experience right away. While many players have already completed the chapter and received their rewards, others have yet to start their journey.

Although the update is a significant addition to the game, the Grand Theft Auto Online community has mixed feelings about it.

Rockstar Games promoted the Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose update and even ran paid promotions on all social media platforms. However, the community is not satisfied with the result and one player even claims that the Fortnite updates are better than the most recent GTA Online update.

@videotech_ Fortnite does updates better than GTA Online could ever imagine doing

Many fans also agreed with the statement and shared their thoughts on running The Last Dose update.

GTA Online fans are not happy with The Last Dose missions

On March 18, 2023, Ben (Twitter/@videotech_), a well-known expert and data miner for Rockstar Games, shared a review of the Grand Theft Auto Online: The Last Dose update on Twitter. The user critically evaluated the content of the update, stating that while some of the missions are enjoyable, others repeat a pattern from previous missions in the franchise.

I just completed The Last Dose. The fourth mission was super fun. Everything else was lackluster and overly scripted. Go to point A > Kill enemies Go to point B > Kill enemies… repeat, repeat. I hope GTAVI Online removes this outdated mission design.

According to Ben, the missions feel scripted and have followed the same pattern for a long time. They considered this method obsolete and requested that the game studio take a decision. different approach in GTA 6.

The South American references were interesting though 👀

Ben also praised Rockstar Games for creatively incorporating South American references into the missions. This may refer to the female lead of the upcoming title. Lucywho is rumored to be of Latino origin.

One user, Woozie (Twitter/Joe_Chills), described The Last Dose’s missions as “generic and boring”, adding that they were distracting with other things during gameplay.

@videotech_ Very boring and generic overall, I didn’t enjoy any of it. I found myself scrolling through Reddit waiting for it to finish

Another user, Nathaniel Darcy (Twitter/NCaslor), said that the franchise has been following the same drive-and-shoot gameplay strategy and that the next game could do the same.

@videotech_ This is what GTA is… drive here, shoot people, replay, replay GTA 6 will be no different… what do you really expect?

Meanwhile, popular GTA YouTuber Robbin Rams (Twitter/RobbinRams) stated that Rockstar Games recently hired new people for mission design.

@videotech_ recently there were job offers for mission design for Rockstargames😂

Another user, Jim (Twitter/JimLvels), shared a photo comparing the Last Dose 5 – BDKD mission from Grand Theft Auto Online and the Stowaway mission from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The image clearly shows that Rockstar Games recycled this last mission and included it in the multiplayer game.

According to user SoraFan23 (Twitter/VanitasFan26), the mission designs are repeated frequently and the developers should add more creative missions to GTA online.

@videotech_ Yes, this mission structure is very overused. They really need to get more creative in their mission designs.

However, user jordon apple (Twitter/jordon30791944) said he’s happy the game studio isn’t putting a lot of effort into the multiplayer game. They added that its developers should focus on the next installment.

@videotech_ Honestly, I’m glad they’re not putting a lot of effort into this. All the effort should go to gta6

Although updates to Grand Theft Auto Online are getting smaller and less interesting, players should keep in mind that the game is nearly a decade old and nearing the end of its life. Rockstar Games prioritized the development of GTA 6 a long time ago, and everything future updates to the multiplayer game will be smaller than before.

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