Gory scenes when a huge load of bloody animal organs and guts spill onto a highway after a truck collision.

  • A truck carrying 10 tons of animal intestines spilled its load on a highway in the Netherlands.
  • Dashcam footage shows a wave of guts flying from the vehicle involved in a collision.
  • “It was kind of gross,” said a driver whose windshield was splattered with bloody animal organs.

A truck crashed in the Netherlands, spilling part of its 10-ton load of blood-soaked animal intestines onto the road and other vehicles. Dutch authorities said.

local news site Omroep Brabant reports that a truck broke apart suddenly and collided with another vehicle.

Jeroen Hendriksen’s dash cam footage posted to social media shows the wave of guts and blood pouring out of the vehicle as the collision occurred on Thursday.

Speech Omroep BrabantHendriksen said he did not know what had hit his screen, but later the windshield wipers revealed the substance to be “blood and bits of animals”.

“It was kind of gross,” he said, saying the smell was the worst part of the incident.

The truck is believed to have come from a nearby slaughterhouse.

The A67 highway, near the city of Eindhoven, was closed for most of Thursday night due to a massive clean-up operation.

The road has already been reopened.

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