Google Releases Final Pixel Drop Of 2022, Here’s What’s New

Today, Google releases the latest Pixel Drop update for 2022, along with the December 2022 security patch. But the security patch is boring, so what’s new with this Pixel Drop?

Well, there is quite a lot to come in this Drop. Which includes a number of features that are only for the Pixel 7 series. But there’s something here for everyone. Like Pixel phones, headphones and watches are getting new updates.

What’s new in this Pixel Feature Drop

First off, the Google One VPN is finally available for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro users who don’t subscribe to Google One. This was announced back in October with the Pixel 7 series, and it’s finally here. Basically, Pixel 7 users will get the VPN free for 5 years.

Next up, we have another feature exclusive to the Pixel 7 series. And that is Clear Call. This was also announced in October. It can make her voice much clearer to the person on the other end and blocks out background noise. The final feature of the Pixel 7 series is the recorder speaker labels. So now when you use the Recorder app, you’ll be able to see the speaker labels who you’re speaking to. The way this works is mind blowing, to be honest.

For other Pixel phones, we also have Spatial Audio, which is coming in January. This will help you feel like you’re in the center of the action of your favorite movies and shows. But this will only work with the Pixel Buds Pro. There are also some new security and privacy settings, as well as new pixel wallpapers.

For the Pixel Watch, the new Fitbit Sleep Profile is rolling out. Which will help you get more detailed information about your sleep, thanks to Fitbit’s premium sleep profile. You will get a monthly sleep animal and longitudinal analysis of your sleep. So you can improve it over time.

The Pixel Watch is also getting some new Wear Tiles. These include Weather and Contacts. So now you can easily access important information with the swipe of a finger. Finally, in 2023, the Pixel Watch will be equipped with fall detection. This will contact emergency services if the watch detects that it has had a hard fall and is not responding.

Finally, Google announces that some other features (cough and snore detection and live chat translation) are expanding to new regions and languages.

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