George RR Martin praises House Of The Dragon for adding “good stuff” to his work

As Game of Thrones House of Dragon Season 2 prequel series enters pre-production, cast, crew, and author George RR Martin gathered in Los Angeles for a screening, also sharing some details about what’s likely to come next. for the program. the hollywood reporter was the first to report.

The biggest detail that showrunner Ryan Condal announced is that viewers will meet five new dragons in the upcoming season, which begins filming in 2023.

Martin praised Condal’s adaptation of his novel “Fire & Blood,” which serves as the basis for the show, saying the writers had done a “wonderful job” filling in material not covered in the outline.

“This guy [Condal] has an amazing writing team. Because if they read my book ‘Fire & Blood,’ which they should, it’s a false story,” Martin told the crowd. “So there are a lot of details that are in this that are absolutely wonderful and moving that aren’t in the book. . They added stuff, and they added good stuff, which is important.”

House of the Dragon cast members spoke about their experiences filming the show’s first season, including Paddy Considine, who played King Viserys/Targaryen, and the challenges of playing the same character at different ages, as Olivia Cooke did. and Emily Carey with Alicent Hightower. . The discussion ended with the cast reminiscing about his favorite moments on set, even pulling pranks on each other.

Martin also expressed his joy at seeing his “strange and haunting visions” come to life on screen. Martin is currently working on the final books in the “Song of Ice and Fire” series, and fans are eagerly awaiting their release.

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