Fortnite: three ships bring location and cargo guide

In this week’s Fortnite’s Postcard Tour questline, you’ll need to solve a confusing quest that only says something about how “three ships bring cargo.” That’s all the quest tells you, and without quest markers, it might take a while to figure it out. With our guide, it will be much faster.

Fortnite: “Three ships bring cargo” – quest guide

If you are just finishing the masked warrior made of light search, you’re in luck. Locating the three ships that bring cargo won’t get you very far. In the water south of Mega City are a variety of boats with containers and a launch pad. Swim, run with the sword or glide there, where you will complete the first part of this quest.

Three ships bring cargo

Remember that for the second part, you have to get excited while standing on the cargo ships. If you leave without getting excited, you’ll still have to come back and finish this quest, so don’t forget that!

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