Floyd Mayweather keeps me humble, new face of American boxing Gervonta Davis says after KO win over Ryan Garcia

  • Gervonta Davis finished off Ryan Garcia in the seventh round of a box office fight on Saturday.
  • After the event, he talked about Floyd Mayweather’s positive effect on him.
  • Given the financial success of the show, Davis may well be a new face for American boxing.

LAS VEGAS – Floyd Mayweather had a positive effect on Gervonta Davis ahead of the 28-year-old puncher’s knockout victory on Saturday over ryan garcia at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

That’s according to ‘Tank’ Davis himself, who told Insider and other reporters after his seventh-round finish that the legendary boxer was a cool, calm and collected presence in his ear.

“He gave me great words [of advice and] told me to stay calm,” Davis said at a news conference.

“I always like to listen to Floyd when it comes to big scenarios like this because he’s the only one who’s been in my shoes and been in these kinds of fights.”

Although Garcia had sporadic moments of success in the second and sixth rounds, Davis was the more cerebral and devastating fighter, outthinking and outboxing Garcia before dropping him with a shot to the liver.

The victory led Davis to an unbeaten professional boxing record of 29 wins (27 knockouts).

“I always try to stay close to Floyd when things like this happen just to keep me humble and to the right,” Davis added.

“I always appreciate Floyd for being in my corner, for supporting me, there will always, always be love for Floyd Mayweather.”

The fight was one of boxing’s most successful events in the modern era.

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe, a key adviser to both Davis and Mayweather, told Insider during fight week that he was looking forward to making a significant announcement after the show to indicate how well he performed in the gate and in Box Office.

According Adam Stern, Sports Business Journal reporterthe Davis vs. Garcia generated $22.8 million in ticket sales at T-Mobile Arena and $1.2 million on pay-per-view.

This means that the average ticket would have sold for approximately $1,140.

Revenue from ticket sales and pay-per-view sales add up to $123,988,000, if these numbers are correct, making it a monster hit.

Due to the nature of the win, a rematch is unlikely.

Regardless, a new star in American boxing has been born as Davis and Ellerbe take their time fighting their way through the boxer’s next opponent for what they hope will be the 30th victory.

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