Fifth Brunson says Mindy Kaling ‘doesn’t get enough credit’ and should be called a ‘genius’ like Ryan Murphy and other men

  • Quinta Brunson said Mindy Kaling “doesn’t get enough credit” for her hit TV shows.
  • Her series include “I’ve Never Done It,” “College Sex Lives,” and “The Mindy Project.”
  • Brunson said men like Ryan Murphy are more likely to be called “geniuses” than women like Kaling.

Quinta Brunson said Mindy Kaling “doesn’t get enough credit” for the “multiple hit shows” she has created, saying she should be called a “genius” like other male showrunners.

in a interview for the December issue of Cosmopolitan with Patrice Peck, the Creator of “Abbott Elementary” spoke about the dual standard between male and female creatives in the entertainment industry, saying that men are much more likely to be labeled “genius” compared to their female counterparts.

“I’m going back to Mindy Kaling,” Brusnon said. “His Netflix show ‘Never Have I Ever’ is downright amazing. And if it was the Ryan Murphy show, we’d all be like, ‘Ryan Murphy is a genius!’ I haven’t heard the word ‘genius’ for Mindy.”

Devi and Paxton in the third season of "I have never."

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi and Darren Barnet as Paxton Hall-Yoshida in season three, episode one of “Never Have I”.


Kaling and co-creator Lang Fisher’s Netflix series “Never Have I Ever,” starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as its lead Devi, premiered in 2020. The show, whose third season premiered on Netflix in August, will conclude with its fourth and final season at some point. in 2023, entertainment tonight reported. Kaling is also a co-creator of the HBO series “The Sex Lives of College Girls.” with executive producer Justin Nobleand executive produces an adult animated series “Velma” for HBO Max about the “Scooby-Doo” character, as well as voicing Velma herself.

Brunson also noted marilyn monroe, who said that he “doesn’t get enough credit for his comedic timing”. Brunson said she frequently studies Monroe for the “niceties” of her “Abbott Elementary” character, Janine Teagues, when it comes to facial expressions and being a “person who contains a lot more than she puts out because they’re actually quite in control of the situation.”

Brunson said Kaling gave him advice on how to handle writing and starring in a show at the same time, like he does with “Abbott Elementary” and like Kaling did on his show. “The Mindy Project”, after she got closer.

“Mindy Kaling is really the GOAT in this shit and she doesn’t get enough credit,” Brunson said.

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