Fans are running rampant with conspiracies after observing the off-screen body language and intense chemistry of co-stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.

  • Co-stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell recently wrapped filming on their R-rated romantic comedy “Anyone But You.”
  • Fans dig through interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, convinced the actors brought their chemistry off-screen.
  • Commenters also supported Powell’s girlfriend, who reportedly unfollowed Sweeney on Instagram.

Social media is abuzz with speculation that co-stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell took their chemistry off-screen while filming their upcoming rom-com, “Anyone But You.”

While the fervor could simply mean that the two are incredibly good at their jobs, a flurry of rumors and conspiracies has resulted in detailed dissections of Sweeney’s and Powell’s body language during recent interviews.

Fans are so convinced that the two have crossed professional and personal boundaries that some are now flooding their Instagram pages with critical comments, given that both actors are reportedly in a relationship. (Powell is dating model and fashion entrepreneur Jehane-Marie “Gigi” Paris, and Sweeney has been engaged to restaurateur Jonathan Davino since 2022.)

Viewers first became aware of undeniable chemistry between the co-stars when photos and videos Behind the scenes of their filming leaked on social media last week. Since then, detectives have released a flurry of clips to prove their theories that the two actors are in love.

In one, where Sweeney seemed to do a Trust Powell’s lap, one Twitter user reacted: “Yeah, that’s not normal.”

On Monday, online gossip made real-life headlines when page six reported that Paris had unfollowed Sweeney on Instagram. This would mark a change from her previous interactions on the app, as in January, Paris had celebrated Sweeney’s post announcing the film.

By Tuesday, fans began feverishly dissecting an interview between the two co-stars posted by Sony Pictures on TikTok. Some noted that Sweeney was not wearing an engagement ring and noted the couple’s intimate body language and eye contact.

“I feel like I’m interrupting something,” wrote one user. “This is giving Cassie IRL,” said another, referring to Sweeney’s character on HBO’s “Euphoria” having an affair. “The video ends with them pressed against each other,” a third viewer noted.

Speculation also got out of control On twitter. One user speculated that Paris was sharing breakup songs and sad messages on instagram. Paris’s Instagram account is also inundated with supportive comments, including “You deserve better,” on her latest post.

Sweeney and Powell, on the other hand, are getting pushback. “You ruin everyone’s relationships,” one fan wrote below. Sweeney’s latest Instagram post. Another added: “She doesn’t deserve those looks.”

“Respect your partner,” someone wrote at Powell’s latest instagram photowhere he is seen with a koala.

“Anyone But You” is an R-rated romantic comedy recreating Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that the off-screen antics of two co-stars have sparked intense speculation on social media. In 2021, viewers were amazed when actor Oscar Isaac sniffed seductively co-star Jessica Chastain’s arm on the red carpet of her HBO show “Scenes From a Marriage.” Powell himself has been the subject of numerous relationship rumors for having palpable chemistry with the female co-stars. In 2018, fans they were also convinced that he was dating actress Zoey Deutch after filming their Netflix romantic comedy “Set It Up.”

“It’s been said, but I’m going to say it again,” wrote one TikTok commenter, “Is it really a good rom-com if the chemistry between the leads doesn’t spark cheating rumors?”

Insider has reached out to representatives for Sweeney and Powell for comment.

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