“Exercise is medicine, but walking is not enough” List of Codes

Summarizing his thesis in three minutes has earned him an award.
I signed up a bit by chance, because I’ve always been a bit embarrassed, but one of my thesis advisors encouraged me. It has been a very fun challenge and I have won a second prize in the ‘Thesis in three minutes’ contest at Campus Iberus. I would recommend it to other doctoral students because it takes you out of your comfort zone.

Does it serve as training for that great moment that is coming, when you defend your thesis in court?They are very different environments, but experience helps you. In the thesis you are not going to gesticulate or move, but changes in tone, for example, make a presentation more attractive. You also learn to control those nerves.

Would you now summarize your thesis in one sentence?
If we want to grow old living longer and better, it is essential to exercise and eat enough.

They say that theses make you suffer a lot. Are you very nervous?
The nerves will arrive when the day approaches, but I am also looking forward to it because a stage that will be one of the most important of my life is coming to an end. There are many hours of work behind it, it is a road with many ups and downs, with bad days in which the measures turn out backwards. Furthermore, we work with people and it is not the same to be in the laboratory with cells or with rats.

As a PhD student, did you take time to practice exercise?
Yes. I practice what I preach. It is important to be well organized and I always try to dedicate an hour a day to biking, running, swimming, doing gymnastics… Exercise helps you to be a bit sane during your doctorate.

Lack of time is our eternal excuse…
That hour for you must be taken from anywhere and the rest will be done.

Should we play sports simply to be healthy?
Physical exercise prevents more than 35 diseases, there are many. Many people from the ages of 45 and 50 begin to have cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis in women…, which can be prevented by exercising. And on a functional level, avoid carrying around that old cane. With little time invested per day, we can have many benefits.

Would it be better to prescribe more physical exercise and fewer pills?
Of course, it has already been seen that exercise is medicine, but multidisciplinary work is still scarce. The incorporation of sports science professionals into the healthcare system to contribute to this exercise prescription with sufficient intensity would be highly beneficial. Walking is not enough, you have to work your strength.

If you train, will you age better?
Statistically it is seen that the population lives longer, but those years are not of quality. For healthy aging, multi-component training that combines strength, flexibility, resistance exercises…, prevents falls and, therefore, fractures; the ability to bend down to tie shoes, pick up a tall jar or carry a shopping bag is also maintained. Help them live the years they are going to live better.

This interests me. From what age and until what age?
Although I work with older people, it is best to exercise from childhood and adolescence so that, as adults, we reach higher peaks of bone and muscle mass and, furthermore, exercise is part of the behavior; Thus, the deterioration due to age will be less. Up to what age do you exercise? Our group has even worked with centenarians who were able to get up without the aid of a chair or walk without a walker. We should exercise all our lives because the benefits are forever. And accompany it with a good diet. In the elderly, a protein intake must be guaranteed so as not to lose muscle mass.

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