Everyone applauds Pedro Pascal’s jitters-inducing six-shot espresso order from Starbucks

  • A viral TikTok shows Pedro Pascal with a Starbucks drink that has made people nervous.
  • The drink includes six shots of iced espresso, which contains approximately 450 mg of caffeine.
  • Pascal is currently busy promoting both “The Last of Us” and “The Mandalorian.”

Pedro Pascal apparently orders six straight shots of espresso at Starbucks, according to a viral TikTok showing an encounter with the “Last of Us” star.

TikTok user @alexafromspace posted several videos showing an encounter with Pascal where the actor signed what appears to be a figure of Din Djarin, his character in “The Mandalorian”. In the videos, Pascal is cradling a fan-sized frozen Starbucks order.

“Dad needs his coffee every morning to carry the whole world and a fandom on his shoulders,” @alexafromspace wrote in the post’s caption. Since it was uploaded on February 23, the post has been viewed approximately 6.5 million times on TikTok.

In a follow-up video, @alexafromspace zoomed in on the order tag on Pascal’s mug, and man, is that awesome.

Pascal’s drink appears to be an Iced Quad Espresso in a vented cup with additional ice and two additional shots, making a total of six shots of espresso. According to Starbuckstwo shots of the chain’s espresso contain around 150mg of caffeine, meaning Pascal’s drink contains around 450mg. The FDA says that 400 mg is the limit for healthy adultsalthough individual tolerances vary.

To put it in the words of a commenter on @alexafromspace’s video: “IS IT OKAY??”

To be fair, Pascal is pretty busy these days, with starring roles in both. HBO “The Last of Us” and “The Mandalorian” from Disney+. And ordering six espresso shots doesn’t mean you have to drink them all at once. As Elite Daily’s Rachel Chapman wroteconsuming the drink slowly and over the course of the day will eventually bring it down to something closer to an Americano (espresso and water) as the ice inside melts.

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