Every Main ‘Guardians of the Guardian’ Character Ranked By How Likely They’ll Die In The Next Movie

6. Peter Quill is a bit confusing.

Chris Pratt plays Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord.

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Director James Gunn said that “Vol. 3” will be the Last time we see the current Guardians of the Galaxy roster together. As the current leader of the Guardians, it would make sense for Peter to sacrifice himself to save his family found in any mission to save Rocket.

We also know that the leader of The Sovereign is still looking to get revenge on the Guardians for stealing a valuable power source from them in the last movie.

A new character, Adam Warlock (Will Poulter) is likely a threat they will face and we would love to see the two go head to head.

Gunn said entertainment weekly that Chris Pratt, especially, put in a lot of effort, describing the filming as “heavy”.

However, as we learned in “GotG Vol. 2”, Peter is half God, so it should be difficult to kill him. We have seen him hold an Infinity Stone and float in space. Supposedly, he lost the divine strength from him at the end of “Vol. 2”, so Peter may be more susceptible to any attack, especially from a divine creature like Warlock.

Gunn also said that he planned to give fans some closure.

Maybe Quill will retire with some of the other Guardians.

If not, we’d love to see him return to Earth and reunite with his grandfather, if he’s still alive. Meredith Quill’s father was supposed to raise Peter before he was kidnapped by Yondu at the beginning of the first movie.

That would close the circle of the trilogy.

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