Enugu Guber: LP candidate, Edeoga demands cancellation of Nkanu East result, others

The Labor Party’s gubernatorial candidate in Enugu state, Barr. Chijioke Edeoga has rejected the government survey result as announced by the collation officer of Nkanu East Local Government Area.

Edeoga, who spoke at a press conference on Sunday night, asked the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to cancel the result in accordance with its guidelines.

It alleged that there was manipulation of the electoral process, especially overvoting and voter suppression.

The LP candidate said: “In most of Enugu State, the elections were marred by obvious irregularities, but I want to focus specifically on the Nkanu East local government area.

“Nkanu East has produced two different results. The result that my agent signed, which is available, is very different from the result that was brought to the INEC headquarters and is now a matter of controversy.

“I want to state categorically that the position of the Nkanu East local government is that the Nkanu East result cannot stand; it opposes reason, it opposes common sense. It is compared to the available records of what the voting strength of Nkanu East is and is compared to the number of voters who registered and the number of PVCs that were collected.

“So the result of Nkanu East is not acceptable; it is not acceptable to the Labor Party and I call for its full cancellation, so that due process can be followed. Anytime the number of PVCs collected and accreditation do not match the number of votes, one is asked to suspend the action and check.

“Of course, you know that Udenu LGA, the electoral officer, was taken and the results completely altered when she was in the custody of the INEC headquarters. What was collated in Udenu, which was going to be announced, is very different from what was announced when she was taken away.

“In virtually all voting units, what was recorded is very different from what was uploaded. The PVCs collected and the accredited voters have no relationship with the votes assigned to people.

“We will respond comprehensively, but I want to state categorically that the Labor Party and its candidate for governor in Enugu state do not accept the Nkanu East result and call for its cancellation. It is a flagrant abuse of the electoral process and such banditry must not be allowed to continue; it is very detrimental to all the efforts we are making to build a democratic system that is representative of the will of the people.”

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