England team hope ‘Dave the cat’ will be their lucky World Cup mascot – Thelocalreport.in

England may be known for wearing three lions on their shirts, but a cat could be their lucky charm if they go all the way to World Cup glory in Qatar.

Several members of the team have fallen in love with a stray dog ​​who has made himself at home in their Al Wakrah-based hotel.

Going by the name ‘Dave’, the feline has been featured in many social media posts since the team arrived in Qatar.

Manchester City couple John Stones and Kyle Walker, in particular, are fans, and stray cats are common in restaurants and hotels in the Gulf state.

But Dave could now find himself with a one-way ticket to Manchester, as Walker said he was “hopeful” his new feline friend could be a lucky mascot ahead of Saturday’s quarter-final clash against France.

Dave, a local cat, at the England team hotel in Qatar

(The FA via Getty Images)

“Dave is fine,” he said when asked about the cat amid questions about how he plans to stop Kylian Mbappe at Al Bayt Stadium this weekend.

“He had a little fight with another cat the other night.

“I think they are fighting over territory and food. But she’s doing fine.

“Hopefully I can keep my promise that he will come home with us if we win the World Cup. Dave is fine, thanks for asking.”

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