“Dude, you’re a horrible analyst”: Kendrick Perkins criticized for trying to justify NBA MVP racial bias claim

Kendrick Perkins has been an analyst since he retired from the NBA in 2018. Perkins has had some terrible shots live, which makes him entertaining.

However, his recent claim that MVP voters are racially biased towards Nikola Jokic has been heavily criticized by fans and former players.

Perkins recently got into a heated debate with ESPN co-analyst and former NBA player JJ Redick over the issue. The former champion believes that Jokic, Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki won the MVP award because they are white.

However, Redick criticized Perkins for calling Jokic a stat filler and implying that MVP voters are racist.

“What we’ve just witnessed is the problem with this show, where we create narratives that don’t exist in reality,” Redick said. “The implication, what you’re implying, that white voters voting in the NBA are racist, pro-white, you just said that.”

Kendrick Perkins vs JJ Reddick: Full segment on Jokic, stat filler, mvp voting. (Warning: the video contains many traces of silliness and filibustering) https://t.co/ekbXATT3PY

Following his heated debate with JJ Redick, Kendrick Perkins defended himself on Twitter and clarified that he is not a racist. Perkins maintained the terrible opinion of him, noting that he only spoke facts. He also pointed out that dramond green called him a “c**n” last year

Last year I was a raccoon. This year I am racist. Well, damn it, what is it? IT’S NOT EITHER. I call out the facts and I’m not afraid to address the elephant in the room. 🤷🏾‍♂️

However, fans quickly jumped on Perkins’ Twitter post and roasted the ESPN analyst. Many criticized Perkins for the terrible take on him, while others simply mocked him with memes.

Here are some of Perk’s racial bias comments and memes:

@PerSources @KendrickPerkins It’s about the overall impact on a team, not just one thing lol. Kendrick is the worst ex-player to talk about basketball

@KendrickPerkins You didn’t offer a single fact about the MVP vote. Not one. You just said, “Because it’s a fact” with no facts to back it up.

@KendrickPerkins Dude, you are a horrible analyst, those are the FACTS. Jokić deserves the third MVP from him based on nothing more than his skills as a basketball player

@KendrickPerkins What you said was racial harassment in a situation that doesn’t exist. Magic Johnson was a game-changing talent, but he rarely broke the top 10 in scoring. Jokic’s game is definitely not as fancy as Magic’s, but it’s just as vital to his team as Magic was to the Lakers.

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Charles Barkley also criticizes Kendrick Perkins for his MVP

Charles Barkley called Kendrick Perkins.
Charles Barkley called Kendrick Perkins.

TNT analyst and Hall of Famer charles barkley he also criticized Kendrick Perkins for his terrible interpretation of MVP voting. Barkley recently appeared on Denver’s 92.5 FM Altitude Sports Radio and called Perkins’ comments one of the stupidest things he’s ever heard.

“A lot of these guys, when they get on TV and stuff, they’re like, ‘Well, I’m on ESPN. I’ve got to say something provocative,'” Barkley said. “And you know what happens with that, you’re always going to have some chumps out there. You probably have some chumps calling to agree with him.

“We can talk about race all you want as long as you are fair and honest. But to slander this man (Nikola Jokic) in this situation is just total nonsense… This crossed the line. JJ is the only person who challenged Perk last week. I’m glad he did, because when I first heard it, I was like, ‘Man, this has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.'”

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