Drew Barrymore Says Hugh Grant’s ‘Grumpy’ Oscars Interview With Ashley Graham Is ‘His Way’ Of Showing Love

  • Drew Barrymore has defended Hugh Grant’s awkward Oscars interview with Ashley Graham.
  • Barrymore said he could see why Graham was “thrown” by Grant, but said he was just being himself.
  • “You fall for grumpy Hugh,” she said. “He is a funny and good human being.”

Drew Barrymore said that anyone who thought Hugh Grant was rude in his interview with Ashley Graham on the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards misunderstood its nature.

During a recent segment of “The Drew Barrymore Show” the talk show host weighed in on the controversy surrounding a viral clip of Grant’s Unbearably Awkward Oscars Interview with Graham.

At the beginning of the clip, which was re-uploaded to Twitter. by several usersGraham could be seen standing over Grant as she asked him a series of questions.

After describing Grant as an “Oscar veteran,” he asked him what he liked best about attending the ceremony. In response, Grant looked around and laughed before calling the event “fascinating” adding that “all of humanity is here. It’s Vanity Fair.”

As Insider previously reported, Grant gave a few more short answers to your questions. Some viewers asked him why he agreed to the interview if he was not willing to give more meaningful answers. labeling him “rude and dismissive”, and saying that everything was “Oddly enough” and one of the “Worst Oscars Interviews Ever”.

But Barrymore, who co-starred with Grant in the 2007 romantic comedy “Music and Lyrics,” said Grant’s moodiness was part of his charm after being asked to respond by saying dogs could bark better than she could sing.

“If you know Hugh, that’s his way of loving you,” she said. “It’s also funny because there’s this whole thing with him and Ashley Graham on the red carpet and people are like, ‘Oh, he’s such a curmudgeon and she’s so confused,’ and I’m like, ‘No, that’s Hugh Grant.'”

“You think you’re getting this charming movie star, and what you’re really getting is grumpy Hugh. And then you fall in love with grumpy Hugh,” Barrymore added.

He went on to say that, like Graham, he initially did not understand Grant’s sense of humor when they began working together.

“It took me a second,” Barrymore said. “And then I was like, ‘Oh no, I love you.’ He’s a hilarious, good human being,” he concluded.

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