Dominique Metzger had to be treated in a hospital in Qatar Code List

Between the emotion for the triumphs of the Argentine team and the contact with the reality of life in Qatar, the journalist Dominique Metzger enjoy coverage of the worldregardless of having lived in the last few weeks some unforeseen.

After sharing days ago that she had been the victim of a robbery after her wallet with her credit cards, money and documents was stolen, the TN driver had to go to a hospital in Doha due to an ailment that prevented her from performing well. . her in front of the cameras to do her job.

Metzger suffered a health complication and had to go for a consultation. In dialogue with LA NACION, the communicator told this morning that she had already presented an improvement with respect to a series of throat problems that caused her hoarseness and for which she received medical treatment.

“It’s a virus,” he said. The communicator told this medium, although she clarified: “It is not Covid, something that is circulating here too.”

Regarding the care received at the public hospital, Metzger told this newspaper: “The experience was really different from what I have lived. To begin with, the building and technological structure is first class, ultra modern and everything is impeccable. There is a sector of women to attend to. Security, nurses, doctors, stretcher-bearers, all women”.

And he continued: “After taking my temperature, blood pressure, and oxygen, they took me to a sector where there were other local women waiting to be seen. The doctor treated me there, in that same place. With some papers with a bar code, they took me to the pharmacy sector and there they gave me all the medicines to take, without charging me anything”.

Instagram post by Dominique Metzger showing the dedicated women’s health area at the Doha hospital

He had previously told what was happening to him through a post he shared on Instagram: “Well friends, I’m in the hospital. I live experiences… I am hoarse and I came to see the hospital”. Next, he had detailed how everything had been through a series of videos in which he showed the inside of the health facilities: “Living another experience in Qatar! Today I lived go to the public health system. It is all first class, a women-only sector where only women work and they gave me all the medicines for free.”

On the other hand, the journalist had expressed how excited she was about the coverage she was doing in the Arab country, where she is having the opportunity not only to report on sporting events but also to get to know the terrain and experience an approach to culture. local.

“The experience is incredibly spectacular. It is a very big contrast with our country. From the cultural, the clothing, the gastronomic to the technological advance that Doha has. Everything is designed for development and growth,” she opined.

He also lived these days other exciting moments, such as witnessing the recital of Ciro y los Persas in Qatar or visiting local family residences or having meetings with personalities such as Susana Giménez or Claudio “Bichi” Borghiwhom he interviewed, mistaking him for another fan, without realizing that it was the former soccer player and coach.

Regarding the robbery that he suffered during his first days in the country, the journalist was in charge of telling it in the first person through his social networks. “Well, Qatari experiences. My wallet just got robbed when we were doing the live kickoff. This is the police, they sent me here to file a complaint, ”she said in a video that she uploaded to her Instagram account, after realizing that she had run out of documents, money, and cards.

And he added: “They assure that everything is watched here and that they are going to look for the wallet. I had the documents, money, cards… Obviously that’s what worries me the most, the other thing doesn’t matter to me at all. So nothing, we’ll see what happens. Experiences that one did not expect to live, he lives them ”.

Minutes later he reappeared, but this time to film the interior of the police station and his coup operation. “Here we are inside the police station. As a detail of ‘color’, put it, it is a sector only for women. They made me go to a waiting room for women only because everything is divided, ”she said, while showing the place with the cell phone camera.


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