Dolph Lundgren Says He Wanted To ‘Knock Out’ Sylvester Stallone While Filming ‘The Expendables’: ‘I’m Going To Hit Him And Go’

  • Dolph Lundgren said he almost fought Sylvester Stallone while filming “The Expendables.”
  • The 65-year-old actor recalled that he wanted to “beat” him on set.
  • The “Rocky IV” and “Universal Soldier” star was not happy with the way Stallone spoke to her.

dolph lundgren recalled his life and career on Wednesday’s episode of “In Depth With Graham Bensinger,” and even discussed have six tumors removed from your body since 2015.

But the actor also spoke about his long career in action movies, including the collaboration with “Rocky star Sylvester Stallone numerous times over the years.

However, their partnership has not always been harmonious.

Lundgren recalled an incident on the set of “The Expendables,” which Stallone directed and starred in, when Stallone was “hard” on him while filming.

“We had some good times and some bad times, kind of like a family to a certain degree,” he said. “He was really hard on me in a scene in ‘The Expendables’ where he yelled at me in front of the whole crew and made me do about 20 takes of the scene.”

“And he said, ‘My grandmother can do better than that, what the hell are you doing?’ Basically, in front of everyone. That day there was also the press, the international press.”

The “Masters of the Universe” and “Creed” actor said he was upset by the way he was treated to the point of wanting to hit his longtime co-star.

“We took a lunch break and I remember I was crying a little bit,” Lundgren recalled. “I mean, I was really upset. And I called my wife at the time, and I basically said, ‘If she says one more word, I’m going to knock him out and fuck this movie.'” here. I’ll just hit it and walk away.'”

But once Lundgren returned from lunch, he said Stallone immediately apologized for his behavior.

“And I think when I walked on the set, people felt a certain… It wasn’t a good vibe,” Lundgren said. “And then I got a touch on the back and it was Sly, and he was like, ‘Sorry about that, let’s do another take and move on.'”

Although the couple have occasionally bumped headsLundgren said he still has a lot of respect for his friend.

He added: “We’ve had some friction over the years, but what can I say? He’s a crazy Italian, you know? And I think he knows that I’ve always respected and loved him, and I think that’s why we’re still friends.”

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