DMO Wins 3 Awards for Outstanding Debt Management Strategies

In a momentous occasion, the Debt Management Office (DMO) has been honored with three prestigious awards at the 2022 EMEA Finance Achievement Awards for its unwavering commitment to implementing effective debt management strategies in the Markets region. Emerging that covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa. (EMEA).

The awards were presented at the 2022 EMEA Finance Achievement Awards charity dinner in London on Thursday.

The prestigious awards, presented by EMEA Finance, a renowned company in emerging markets, highlight DMO’s outstanding performance in debt management and optimization of financial resources in various markets.

The accolades serve as a validation of the DMO’s tireless efforts to provide innovative solutions to meet the challenges of debt management in the ever-evolving economic climate.

Receiving these accolades marks an important milestone for DMO as it cements its position as a leading player in the field of debt management within the EMEA region.

The DMO’s constant pursuit of excellence and its ability to deliver remarkable results have been duly recognized and celebrated.

DMO CEO Patience Oniha expressed his sincere thanks to EMEA Finance for recognizing the DMO’s efforts and awarding these prestigious awards.

He stressed that the success of the DMO can be attributed to its commitment to providing tailor-made debt management solutions for the Federal Republic of Nigeria (FGN).

The first prize, ‘Best Sovereign Borrower’ recognizes the FGN’s commitment to meet its debt obligations when due.

The second award, ‘Best Sovereign Bond in EMEA’, recognizes the DMO’s expertise in the successful issuance of Nigeria’s $4 billion triple tranche Eurobond in 2021.

The third award, “Best Local Currency Bond in EMEA”, recognizes the DMO’s competence in facilitating the FGN N250billion SUKUK in 2021.

As the DMO celebrates these remarkable achievements, it renews its commitment to continue to deliver innovative and comprehensive debt management strategies, further cementing its position in the EMEA region and beyond.


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