Diablo 4 Season 1 Begins in July, Blizzard Details Season Bonuses and Battle Pass Rewards

Diablo IV The first season will arrive in mid-to-late July after the game launches on June 6, Blizzard announced. The news came as part of the developer’s livestream dedicated to offering new details regarding how Diablo IV’s Seasons and Battle Pass will work.

Seasons in Diablo IV will be quarterly (four a year) and will work similar to how they did in Diablo III, with players looking to complete objectives as part of a Season Journey. The objectives are divided into chapters, and players will need to complete most, but not all, of the objectives in one chapter before moving on to the next. Completing the objectives as part of the Season Journey will contribute to leveling up the Season Battle Pass, which will feature 27 free reward tiers. Playing and leveling up Seasonal characters will also contribute to Battle Pass progress.

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Free Reward Tiers will occasionally include a special currency called Burning Ash, which is used to unlock and upgrade seasonal perks (called Seasonal Blessings) that will grant various benefits to seasonal characters, ranging from increased XP gained from monsters until you have a higher chance of acquiring rare salvage materials. Blizzard re-emphasized that players will not be able to pay for energy in Diablo IV purchasing Battle Pass Tier Skips to earn Burning Ash and immediately make your Season Characters more powerful, as each Burning Ash reward will have level requirements that must be met before it can be used.

All rewards that provide some sort of in-game benefit will be included as part of the game’s free Battle Pass. The premium battle pass rewards track, which Blizzard confirmed will cost $10, will instead award 63 tiers of largely cosmetic items. Additionally, players will have the option to purchase a 20-tier skip-the-line fast-paced Premium Battle Pass for approximately $25. In total, the battle pass will have 90 levels to unlock. In a previous interview, the game’s associate director, Joe Piepiora, said that Diablo IV battle pass would take around 80 hours to complete.

Diablo IV’s Battle Pass looks like what you’d expect.

As for what the new seasons will bring, Blizzard said that each season will have a strong unifying theme that runs through the battle pass and new gameplay features. They’ll also introduce new seasonal stories that won’t progress the game’s main story (to be saved for future expansion, Blizzard confirmed) but will explore the world of Sanctuary in other ways. The new gameplay mechanics, as well as the seasonal story, will disappear at the end of a season, though Blizzard said there’s a chance seasonal content could return later. However, any new legendary powers or unique items introduced as part of the season will remain as part of the main game.

To access the seasonal content, players must have completed the Diablo IV campaign at least once with any character. From then on, players can choose to skip the campaign at any time on later characters to dive right into the new content. Blizzard also clarified which unlocks exist per character and which unlocks are account-wide. Legendary skins unlocked and Codex of Power entries, as well as regional Renown levels and Shrines of Lilith discovered, will need to be earned on each character and are not account-wide. However, stat boosts and other rewards for reaching certain Renown levels for each of the game’s regions will be account-wide. Once players unlock their first mount as part of the Diablo IV campaignall subsequent characters will be able to use mounts from the start.

Diablo IV arrives on June 6 or June 2 for those who purchase the Deluxe or Ultimate edition of the game. Those interested in trying out Blizzard’s latest before launch will have one more chance to do so from May 12-14 as part of the game’s free offer. beta slam server. Although character progress does not carry over to the full game, players who reach level 20 and achieve certain milestones will earn permanent rewards when Diablo IV launches.

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