Diablo 4 – Rogue Talents Guide

the rogue in devil 4 Stalk enemies with lightning-fast attacks and agile movements. Apart from the skills you can use, there are also talents that provide some buffs that blend with your play style. Here is our general Diablo 4 Rogue talent guide to help you with the perks you can unlock and select.

Diablo 4 Rogue Talents

Diablo 4 Rogue’s talents, like other classes, use a tier system. You can unlock certain options by spending some talent points, and some can also be further upgraded. We have listed them below, noting the possible upgrades and connected nodes. Similarly, you’ll want to see the effect of each passive. There are those that provide benefits to stocks in general, while others are designed for specific builds. Some are even related to the Imbuement system, where you can infuse abilities with poison, shadow, or cold damage.

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Base/Pool Tier Talent Options

  • Stutter Step – Critical hits grant increased movement speed.
  • Robust: Slightly reduces the damage you take in melee combat.
    • Sipping Strikes: Heals you for a small percentage when you land melee critical strikes.

Agility Level/Group Talent Options

  • Robust: Reduces damage taken against damage over time (DoT) effects.
    • Reactive Defense: Reduces damage taken when affected by effects that reduce control.
  • Concussive: Increases your critical chance against enemies you’ve knocked back or knocked back.
  • Quick Gambits: Evade’s cooldown is reduced when you daze enemies.
    • Trick Attacks: Landing a critical hit on a stunned enemy will knock them back.
  • Weapon Mastery – Get a bonus based on the type of weapon you have equipped:
    • Daggers: increased damage against healthy enemies.
    • Swords – Increased damage.
    • Bows: increased damage against vulnerable enemies.
    • Crossbows: Critical damage increased.
The Diablo 4 Rogue Weapon Mastery talent grants bonuses based on the weapon you are using.

Subterfuge Level/Gathering Talent Options

  • Agile: Using a cooldown increases the chance to dodge.
    • Mending Darkness: Heals a percentage of your HP when stealthed.
  • Exploit: Increased damage against healthy and wounded enemies.
    • Malice: increased damage against vulnerable enemies.

Imbue Level/Pool Talent Options

  • Precision Imbue: Increases the critical chance of imbued abilities.
  • Shadow Crash – Lucky strike; Shadow damage can stun enemies.
    • Consuming Shadows: Generates energy when you kill enemies with shadow damage.
  • Deadly Poison: Increased poison damage.
    • Debilitating Toxins: Poisoned enemies deal less damage.
    • Alchemical Advantage: Increases your attack speed for each enemy you have poisoned.
  • Frigid Finesse – Increased damage against icy and frozen enemies.
    • Chilling Weight: Icy enemies’ movement speed is further reduced.

Ultimate Tier/Party Talent Options

  • Trap Mastery: Increases your crit chance against vulnerable and crowd-controlled enemies when Poison Trap and Death Trap activate.
  • Aftermath: Restores energy after using an ultimate.
  • Innervation – Lucky strike; opportunity to restore power.
    • Alchemist’s Fortune: Non-physical damage has increased chance of Lucky Hit.
    • Second Wind: Increased chance of Lucky Hit for every 100 energy you spend.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Increased energy regeneration while moving.
    • Rush: After moving a few yards, your next attack deals more damage.
    • Haste: When you have more than 50 energy, movement speed is increased; while below 50 energy, attack speed is increased.

key liabilities

Diablo 4 Rogue talents also have Key Passives, which are unlocked once you spend 33 skill points. However, you can only choose one.

  • Rush: Merciless abilities gain a stack of Rush if they hit a stunned/stunned/frozen enemy, or hit a target from behind. At three stacks of Momentum, you gain 20% damage reduction, 30% energy regeneration, and 15% movement speed.
  • Melee: Assassin and Marksman skills grant 10% bonus attack speed for eight seconds if you hit an enemy at close range. If you get the bonus from both types of skills, you will deal 20% more damage against mob controlled enemies.
  • Accuracy – Marksman skills that grant Critical Accuracy, adding a bonus Critical Damage stack (up to 20%). At maximum precision, your next Marksman ability is a guaranteed crit for 40% increased critical damage, all while consuming existing stacks.
  • Victim – Lucky Hit; dealing direct damage to a vulnerable enemy has a chance to cause an AoE explosion.
  • Exhibition – Stroke of Luck; dealing direct damage to an enemy affected by a trap has a 25% chance to reduce cooldowns or drop a group of explosive stun grenades.
Choosing the Melee Passive key grants you benefits if you can take out enemies that are close to you.
Choosing the Melee Passive key grants you benefits if you can take out enemies that are close to you.

Diablo 4 is currently in its beta stage. As such, some of the information here may change as we get closer to the game’s official release on June 6. We will update this guide accordingly. For now, you can visit our class center.

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