Diablo 4 – How to use transmog and dyes

devil 4 allows you to accumulate countless items as you explore the world and beat up enemies. Some are useful as they improve your character, while others are total rubbish. Still, there are some that can look pretty good, and you probably want to keep their cosmetic effect. Here’s our Diablo 4 guide to help you with the transmogrification system, as well as dyes or pigments.

How to use the Diablo 4 transmogrification system

Diablo 4’s Transmog System can be accessed through the Cloakroom, which is located in the Kyovashad Inn. You will visit this city at the beginning of the campaign. However, since Kyovashad is the main hub of Fractured Peaks, it will have this particular feature, though you might also see it elsewhere when you visit the main hubs/cities in future acts.

As for the designs of each weapon and armor, you will not have access to these by default. Instead, you will need to visit the Blacksmith. When you hover over an item, it should say “unlock a new skin on recovery”, along with a pickaxe icon. These indicate that salvaging these pieces of equipment would permanently save their design for use in transmogrification.

Be sure to salvage unwanted gear pieces in case they unlock new transmog options.

Anyway, back to Diablo 4’s transmog system and wardrobe. You’ll notice the Appearance tab, which is similar to character creation where you’ve changed your character’s face and markings, as well as the Wardrobe tab, which is where we’ll do some cosmetic tweaks. Here is the gist:

  • You can change the look of your helmet, chest, gloves, leggings, boots, primary weapon, and secondary weapon. Once again, the transmog options are the ones you have saved beforehand.
  • You can also choose a pigment or dye from those that are available.
  • The Set section allows you to select a cosmetic load or a combination of types. You can instantly change the appearance of your character’s pieces of equipment based on each configuration you save.
  • Once you’re done, you can toggle activating one transmog per slot via the inventory panel.
You can change the color of the pigment/dye and save the set slots.
You can change the color of the pigment/dye and save the set slots.

In any case, the transmogrification is just one of the many features of the main city. You can learn about others in our Kyovashad City/Downtown Guide.

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