Develop a tough skin if you want to date me because everyone loves me – Kuami Eugene to the ladies

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Highlife artist Kuami Eugene has asked women who want to date him to develop tough skin because everyone wants a bit of him.

According to the artist, any lady who wants to date him must be ready to put up with all forms of criticism and be tough enough to put up with some people in the public.

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According to Kuami Eugene, being his girlfriend is not easy. The well-known artist assures that he likes to be treated like a mother’s son.

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“I’m not dating… Right now, I know that dating me will be very difficult. You should have thick skin to date me,” she revealed on ‘Stripped by Sika Osei’.

“Nowadays, women, girls, everyone, including men, wants to have a person for themselves… If you want to have me for yourself, you will have to make some sacrifices because people will not allow it.

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“They won’t let you have Kuami all to yourself. You will get a lot of hate… people will hurt you. They will come for you,” she hammered.

Everybody wants a piece of me. It is what it is… I am attracted to smart and neat people,” she said.

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