Destiny 2 Patch Notes Incoming Technical Fixes

The last patch for destiny 2 it’s here, although it’s just a small review. After the servers went offline for maintenance for about an hour, patch is out now, bringing a small handful of fixes to a game that has recently been plagued by technical issues.

The new patch fixed two issues that caused crashes, one that could be triggered by opening the loading menu, and another that was caused by excessive particle effects in certain parts of Neptune. The patch will undoubtedly be a welcome one for PS5 players who have been particularly affected by the crashes occurring within Neomuna on Neptune. The patch also tweaked the Daughters of Oryx fight to minimize flicker and adjust scene brightness.

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While any patch is better than none, players are still frustrated that the list of fixes is relatively small, with a number of major bugs still unresolved, including audio issues introduced with the patch. Destiny 2 has been experiencing a lot of technical issues lately, and over the past few days players have struggled with common CHICKEN, WEASEL, and PLUM error codes, along with an insect that makes it look like all your characters have been wiped out.

These are all the issues that have been fixed in this hotfix:



  • Fixed an issue where the Raid Jacket Director dialog would appear after the March 21 deadline to unlock the purchase.
  • Adjusted brightness and flicker in the Daughters of Oryx encounter.

user interface/user experience

  • Fixed an issue where gauntlets would not equip when changing loadouts.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the loadout menu could cause Destiny 2 to crash.



  • Fixed an issue where making changes to the weapon in an inventory after selecting the weapon to remodel would not automatically update to the item in the remodel slot.


  • Fixed an issue where too many particle effects in certain areas of Neptune could cause Destiny 2 to crash.

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