Customs are demanding $10,000 to clear my goods, laments comedian Michael Blackson

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According to Michael Blackson, he has cousins ​​in Ghana who are out of work because there are no jobs available in the country, so he decided to help.

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He revealed that he bought $10,000 worth of goods in the United States and sent it to them to set up his business, but when the package reached customs, they also demanded another $10,000 as clearance fees.

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He tweeted: “If you plan to send something to Ghana be prepared to pay as high a tax rate as what you sent and if you don’t pick it up on time they will auction off your belongings. Why @GhanaRevenue ?”

“I shipped some old furniture the duty was $1500 which didn’t bother me then I shipped my 2014 S class the duty was $16,000 which didn’t bother me but 3 boxes of clothes shipped via DHL which they cost $10,000 and you want me to pay $10k to get it out? Now you are going too far.

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