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Cookie Race: Kingdom has just launched its Christmas event, the Sugar Gnomes Christmas Pastry, which is a limited time event for December. You will bake various treats for the Cookies, and for every Cookie order you complete, you will earn Chocolates with Sweet and Sparkly Coins. There is a catch though, because the cookies will make a request that can take a bit of time to figure out exactly what they are looking for in your cake order. If you get it right, you’ll get a 5-heart review!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Baking Guide

We have written specific guides on how to get 5 hearts reviews for every cake order made by every Cookie. Just click or tap on any of the orders you need help with, listed in order of leveling:

How to Bake a Cake at Cookie Run Kingdom Holiday Cake Shop

The first stage is where you choose the type of cream and the number of cake layers; there is a minimum requirement of two layers and a maximum allowable of four layers.

The second stage is where you decorate the top of the cake with icing.

The third stage is where you decorate the cake with toppings.

If a Cookie is completely happy, it will give you 5 Hearts of Satisfaction. If not, she can invite them back from the client menu so she can try again. If you receive 5 Hearts of Satisfaction, the Cookie will leave a review and give you 200 Chocolate Coins. Some reviews include a scene.

Tips for interpreting cookie orders

When a Cookie uses words like “few, small or some” it refers to 4 or fewer servings of frosting or toppings. When a Cookie uses words like “good, lots, or lots,” they are asking for 8 or more servings of frosting or toppings.

If a cookie does not specify a detail, you can use any flavor or choice to satisfy the request.

That completes our guide to getting 5 hearts on your cake orders in the Cookie Run Kingdom Festive Baking Event! Check out the rest of our Cookie Run Kingdom Coverage.

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