Colosseum Locations in Elden Ring PvP Update – Try Hard Guides

If you’re eager to test your skills against other players in Elden’s Ring new Colosseums but you are not sure how to enter the Colosseums, let us guide you! elden ring it’s one of the best games of 2022 and for good reason. It swept away most of the gaming community earlier this year, and now they’ve released a major update that has added several PvP features, including Colosseum arenas. This is a new multiplayer feature that allows players to engage in combat trials against other players, either 1v1 or team battles with up to six players.

How to get to the Colosseums in Elden Ring

The Colosseum PvP update went live on December 7, so you’ll need to make sure you install the latest update to get the newest DLC.

There are three Colosseums you can choose from. Each one is located in Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell, respectively, and each comes with its own rules. Limgrave Coliseum features United Combat and Combat Ordeal, while The Royal Coliseum (in Leyndell) only allows Duel Mode. the Caelid Colosseum it includes all of the modes mentioned above along with the ability to summon Spirit Ashes to fight alongside the players.

You will need to physically go to each Colosseum location to activate it. Once a player has activated each Colosseum for the first time, it can be reached later from the round table hold. There is a statue located next to Roderika that will open up an arena map when you interact with it.

Location of Limgrave Coliseum in Elden Ring

You’ll want to head towards Warmaster’s Shack in Stormhill, and then head north until you see a large Colosseum structure. You should see the frustrated NPC Spirit in front of the Colosseum.

Location of Leyndell Coliseum (Royal Coliseum) in Elden Ring

It is visible once you enter the city from the East Capital Rampart in Leyndell, Royal Capital. You can find a frustrated spirit NPC in front of the Colosseum.

Location of the Caelid Coliseum in the Elden Ring

It is located in the northernmost part of the Caelid Region. For the fastest route, teleport to Deep Siofra Well, which is located in East Limgrave. Then, follow the path north of the Canyon. Once you’ve reached the shoreline, you should see the Great-Jar NPC located right in front of the Caelid Colosseum. There are three duelist NPCs, the Knights of Great-Jar, who are also part of the Great-Jar quest line.

That concludes our guide on the Colosseum locations in the Elden Ring! We hope this has made it easier to know where to go and how to fast travel to the Colosseums in the future. Take a look at more of our Elden Ring Coverage.

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