Churches now use 1 week to make premarital counseling reason for rampant divorce cases – Counselor Reveals

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Counselor and President of Warrior Wives Prayer Ministry Global, Pastor Dr. Agnes Odoi, has attributed the rising rate of divorce cases in Ghanaian society to a lack of proper pre-marital counselling.

According to her, premarital counseling is supposed to prepare a potential partner for marriage, but unfortunately, the timing takes the focus away from them.

In an interview with Paul Anomah Kordieh on On Ghana’s ‘Christian Connect’ programme, he said: “They end up not focusing on the teaching, but on dressing, partying and what will happen at their wedding. So, they don’t have that attention to study or listen to what the counselor is bringing them.”

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He mentioned that there are so many churches that don’t have time for premarital counseling.

“In 2020, a research I did made me discover that there are some churches that even use two weeks for premarital counseling, and some of them also use seven days because there is pressure from family and couples to do it right away.” she revealed.

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He also added that sometimes there is also a problem with counselors because they are not professionals.

“There are so many churches that make people counselors based on how long they’ve been married or how old they are, which is wrong.” “This is because there isn’t any kind of training or seminar that they can go through,” he said.

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He emphasized that counseling has been taken as advice, but both are different.

“We are not preparing our directors, and what we call directors are not directors, because, by all indications, many of the directors do not have what it takes to advise,” he added.

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