Chefs Share 7 Breakfasts You Should Cook In An Air Fryer And 5 You Shouldn’t

  • air fryers it can be used to make great breakfasts, but not every dish needs to be cooked in one.
  • The chefs recommend making air fried bacon and breakfast burritos.
  • They suggest that you don’t try to make pancakes, frittatas or omelettes in the deep fryer.

Air fryers are handy on the countertop appliances that cook food with rapidly circulating hot air using little or no oil.

They are a popular way to prepare snacks, but their fryer can be used to do some tasty breakfasts.

Read on for the best and worst breakfasts for make in a deep fryeraccording chefs.

The deep fryer is great for breakfast burritos.

breakfast burrito

Get crispy breakfast burritos in an air fryer.

Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Professional restaurant and catering chef christina musgrave told Insider that a air fryer is perfect for making breakfast burritos

“The deep fryer will crisp up the tortilla while heating the inside of the burrito, resulting in great texture and flavor,” Musgrave said.

you can use the fryer to cook burritos made from scratch or to reheat frozen ones.

French toast can be quite easy to make.

Yannick Tirboisexecutive chef and culinary director at Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai, told Insider that he loves making French toast in a deep fryer.

“The key is not to completely soak the bread in the eggs,” Tirbois said.

French toast that is too saturated with the egg mixture will not cook properly.

Seasoned Air Fryer Potatoes Are Tasty

Air Fryer Seasoned Potatoes

Seasoned potatoes can be a tasty breakfast.


Chef Diana Manalang of little chef little cafe told Insider you should skip the oven and make your breakfast potatoes straight into the fryer.

“Seasoned potatoes made in a deep fryer are super tasty,” Manalang said. “They are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.”

If you have leftover fat from cooking bacon or sausage, you can use it to add more flavor to your breakfast. potatoes.

Bacon is an ideal air frying breakfast.

you can get perfectly cooked bacon in minutes using an air fryer.

“I love cooking bacon in the air fryer because it eliminates splatter and smoke while still producing deliciously crispy strips,” Musgrave said.

For the best result, Musgrave recommended using thick-cut bacon for more flavor and texture.

Can you do breakfast cakes in the deep fryer

pop tart

Try making a breakfast cake.

Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

If you love the kind of breakfast pastries that come out of a toaster, it’s easy to make your own with a deep fryer.

“Fill a pre-made, thawed puff pastry square with cream cheese or fruit jam and put it in the deep fryer until golden,” Manalang told Insider.

For an extra sweet touch, try using chocolate hazelnut spread for the pastry filling.

You can achieve a great texture for the sausages.

Musgrave told Insider that the sausages are best cooked in a deep fryer.

“The sausages or patties develop a great texture in the fryer, even if they start out frozen,” Musgrave said.

Be sure to add a tray or liner to your fryer before cooking to collect excess fat.

Croissants are a quick air fryer treat

Air Fryer Croissants

Air fryer croissants are a quick and easy treat.

Enjoy life/Shutterstock

Making croissants from scratch is labor intensive, but you can use an air fryer to cook pre-made croissants to perfection.

“You can use an air fryer to warm up store-bought croissants or cook frozen, pre-made croissants,” Tirbois said.

Watch the croissants carefully as they cook to make sure they don’t start to burn.

On the other hand, tortillas should stay out of the fryer.

It’s hard to get a fluffy tortilla when using a deep fryer.

“A tortilla needs a smooth texture, but an air fryer will crisp up the edges,” Musgrave said. “This will give you something more like a fried egg.”

Tortilla toppings, such as chopped vegetables, can also be difficult to fully cook.

Pancakes are too messy

stack of pancakes

Skip the deep fryer when making pancakes.

George Dolgikh/Shutterstock

If you’re craving pancakes, you should probably stick to the stove.

“Anything with wet batter, such as pancakes, will be extremely difficult to fry successfully and can make a mess in the fryer,” Musgrave said.

Although pancakes may be a no-go, it is possible to cook denser dough-based treats like scones and cookies in the air fryer.

Cake donuts shouldn’t go in a deep fryer.

Although it is possible to make traditional donuts in the air fryer, cooking cake donuts may not work as well.

“Cake donuts are extremely dense and an air fryer won’t give them the right texture,” Musgrave said.

skip the fryer and use a traditional frying method instead.

Quiche and frittatas do not work well in the deep fryer.


Frittatas must be made in the oven.

Vladislav Noseek/Shutterstock

Avoid cooking a quiche or frittata in a deep fryer, especially if it contains vegetables.

“The deep fryer can dry out the eggs and vegetables in these dishes, leaving you with an unappetizing breakfast,” Musgrave said.

They should be prepared in the oven to ensure even cooking and a light texture.

Fried eggs are best done in a skillet.

If you love a fried egg, you should stick with a traditional skillet.

“It’s almost impossible to get a loose yolk and crispy edges on an air fryer fried egg,” Manalang told Insider.

However, if you prefer your fried egg with a firmer yolk, air frying may work well.

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