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A woman in Somalia had to undergo emergency surgery after being accidentally shot in the clitoris while relaxing at home.

A report detailing his accidental piercing was recently published in the International journal of surgical case reports.

“To our knowledge, this is the first stray gunshot wound to penetrate the vulvar area. [the outer part of the female genitals] with a bullet retained in the clitoris,” the study authors wrote.

According to the study, the unidentified 24-year-old patient was relaxing at home when suddenly a stray bullet tore through the ceiling, hitting her in the nether regions.

The alarmed woman turned up at Erdoğan Hospital in Mogadishu, where a CT scan revealed that the errant lead pellet had lodged inside her clitoris. To the best of the study authors’ knowledge, this was the first such case.

“We thought it was weird and interesting,” they wrote of the unfortunate body shot, which luckily hit her at low speed or things could have been much worse.

Surgeons placed the patient under local anesthesia and removed the projectile from her private parts.

Fortunately, she did not suffer any complications after the shunt and was discharged the next day in “good condition”.

At a follow-up appointment a month later, doctors determined that the woman was still in good health.

A CT scan of the bullet inside the woman’s vagina.
International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

The study authors report that cases of “vulvic trauma” not related to pregnancy are extremely rare and often result from sports-related injuries, including injuries from straddling, burns, animal/human bites, and sexual assault.

Meanwhile, gunshot injuries in the South are typically seen in “battlefield trauma or large urban areas with criminal implications.”

“Injuries from tired bullets are caused by low-velocity injuries, commonly seen in residential areas in war-torn countries such as Somalia,” the study authors write.

However, this isn’t the first time an unlikely object has ended up underneath.

The doctors remove the bullet.
The doctors remove the bullet.
International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

Last year, a midwife revealed that she had removed a trove of strange items from women’s nether regions, including false fingernails, pen caps, and even a pair of bikinis.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, a gynecologist in Honduras examined a patient’s vagina and found a cockroach lurking inside.

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